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The WholeNote - July 2007 to March 2020

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DVOŘÁK, A.: Alfred [Opera] (Froese, Bothmer, Rumpf, Czech Philharmonic, Forster)
ArcoDiva UP0140-2
  Hans de Groot, The WholeNote, September 2015 read the review
DVOŘÁK, A.: Piano Trios Nos. 3 and 4 (C. and T. Tetzlaff, Vogt)
Ondine ODE1316-2
  Sharna Searle, The WholeNote, January 2019 read the review
DVOŘÁK, A.: Violin Concerto / Romance, Op. 11 / SUK, J.: Fantasy in G Minor, Op. 24 (C. Tetzlaff, Helsinki Philharmonic, Storgårds)
Ondine ODE1279-5
  Terry Robbins, The WholeNote, April 2016 read the review
EKANAYAKA, T.: Reinventions – Rhapsodies for Piano (Ekanayaka)
Grand Piano GP693
  Alex Baran, The WholeNote, December 2015 read the review
ELGAR, E.: Symphony No. 2 / WAGNER, R.: Tannhauser (excerpts) (BBC Chorus and Symphony, Boult) (1968-1977)
ICA Classics ICAC5106
  Bruce Surtees, The WholeNote, January 2014 read the review
ELGAR, E.: Violin Music (Bisengaliev, Frith, Bisengalieva, West Kazakhstan Philharmonic, Ungrangsee)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572643-45
  Terry Robbins, The WholeNote, October 2011 read the review
ENESCU, G.: Symphonie concertante / Symphony No. 1 (Mørk, Tampere Philharmonic, Lintu)
Ondine ODE1198-2
  David Olds, The WholeNote, February 2015 read the review
ENESCU, G.: Violin and Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (A. Strauss, Poletaev)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572692
  Terry Robbins, The WholeNote, June 2015 read the review
ENO, B.: Discreet Music (Elkinson, Pomeroy, Contact)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21114
  David Olds, The WholeNote, January 2016 read the review
EÖTVÖS, P.: Tri sestry (Three Sisters) [Opera] (Chenez, David DQ Lee, Egorov, Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra, D.R. Davies, N. Petersen)
Oehms Classics OC986
  Adam Scime, The WholeNote, January 2020 read the review
FACCIO, F.: Amleto (Hamlet) [Opera] (Bregenz Festival, 2016) (NTSC)
C Major 740608
  Michael Schulman, The WholeNote, September 2017 read the review
FAIROUZ, M.: Songs (No Orpheus) (Lindsey, Duffy, Burchett)
Naxos American Classics 8.559783
  Adam Scime, The WholeNote, March 2016 read the review
FALLA: Vida breve (La)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660155
  Robert Tomas, The WholeNote read the review
FIELD, J.: Piano Concerto No. 7 / Irish Concerto / Piano Sonata No. 4 (Frith, Northern Sinfonia, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Haslam, Mogrelia)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573262
  Alex Baran, The WholeNote, September 2016 read the review
FIŠER, L.: Piano Sonatas (Complete) (Šimurdová)
Grand Piano (NRE) GP770
  Alex Baran, The WholeNote, January 2019 read the review
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