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The Absolute Sound - May 2007 to February 2018

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ENESCU, G.: Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Solaun)
Grand Piano GP706
  Stephen Estep, The Absolute Sound, February 2017 read the review
FIELD, J.: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 3 (Frith, Northern Sinfonia, Haslam)
Naxos Regular CD 8.553770
  Rad Bennett, The Absolute Sound, April 2000 read the review
FINE, I.: Music for Orchestra / Diversions / Symphony / Blue Towers / Toccata concertante (Moscow Radio Symphony, Spiegelman)
Delos DE3139
  Mark L. Lehman, The Absolute Sound, April 2015 read the review
GRANADOS, E.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 3 - Liliana / Suite Oriental / Elisenda (Barcelona Symphony, González)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573265
  Stephen Estep, The Absolute Sound, February 2017 read the review
HANSON: Merry Mount
Naxos American Classics 8.669012-13
  Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, September 2007 read the review
HINDEMITH, P.: String Quartets, Vol. 3 (Amar Quartet) - Nos. 1 and 4
Naxos Regular CD 8.572165
  Stepthen Estep, The Absolute Sound, December 2015 read the review
IBERT, J.: Chevalier errant (Le) / Les Amours de Jupiter (Lorraine National Orchestra, Mercier)
Timpani 1C1230
  Stepthen Estep, The Absolute Sound, December 2015 read the review
INDY, V. d': Symphony No. 2 / Souvenirs / Istar (Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Tingaud)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573522
  The Absolute Sound, May 2017 read the review
JONES, Quincy: Quincy Jones and his Orchestra
SWR Jazzhaus JAH-455
  Bill Milkowski, The Absolute Sound, August 2016 read the review
SWR Jazzhaus JAH-453
  The Absolute Sound, April 2016 read the review
MATHESON, J.: Violin Concerto / String Quartet / Time Alone (Dodge, Strickling, Sauer, Color Field Quartet, Chicago Symphony, Salonen)
Yarlung Records YAR25670
  Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound, September 2016 read the review
NIELSEN, C.: Symphonies Nos. 2, "The 4 Temperaments" and 3, "Sinfonia espansiva" (New York Philharmonic, Gilbert)
Dacapo SACD 6.220623
  The Absolute Sound, September 2008 read the review
ROREM: Double Concerto / After Reading Shakespeare
Naxos American Classics 8.559316
  Ted Libbey, The Absolute Sound, March 2007 read the review
SCHULHOFF, E.: 5 Pieces / SUK, J.: Meditation on the old Bohemian Chorale / DVOŘÁK, A.: String Quartet No. 13 (alla czeca) (Signum Quartet)
Capriccio New Releases C5257
  Stepthen Estep, The Absolute Sound, December 2015 read the review
Yarlung Records YAR65004
  Bill Milkowski, The Absolute Sound, December 2014 read the review
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