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Klassiek Centraal - November 2011 to July 2017

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SCHMITT, F.: Piano Duet and Duo Works (Complete) (Invencia Piano Duo) (4-CD Box Set)
Grand Piano GP730X
  Michel Dutrieue, Klassiek Centraal, February 2017 read the review
SCHOENBERG, A.: Gurre-Lieder (Staged Version) (DNO, 2014) (NTSC)
Opus Arte OA1227D

  Michel Dutrieue, Klassiek Centraal, February 2017 read the review
SCHUBERT, F.: Schöne Müllerin (Die) (Skovhus, S. Vladar)
Capriccio New Releases C5290

  Lucrèce Maeckelbergh, Klassiek Centraal, July 2017 read the review
STRAUSS, R.: Richard Strauss Project - Piano Works (Complete), Vol. 2 (Bonuccelli)
Dynamic CDS7748

  Michel Dutrieue, Klassiek Centraal, June 2016 read the review
TANSMAN, A.: 24 Intermezzi / Petite Suite (Reyes)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572266
  Milo Derdeyn, Klassiek Centraal, November 2011 read the review
VERDI, G.: Ballo in maschera (Un) [Opera] (Bavarian State Opera, 2016) (Blu-ray, HD)
C Major 739504

  Lucrèce Maeckelbergh, Klassiek Centraal, April 2017 read the review
WOLF-FERRARI, E.: Gioielli della Madonna (I) [Opera] (Ushakova, Kyungho Kim, Slovak National Opera Chorus, Slovak Radio Symphony, Haider)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660386-87

  Alois Van Tongerloo, Klassiek Centraal, January 2017 read the review
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