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Ionarts - June 2006 to September 2020

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COPLAND, A.: Billy the Kid / Grohg [Ballets] (Detroit Symphony, Slatkin)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.559862
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, March 2019 read the review
DESSAU, P.: In memoriam Bertolt Brecht / Symphonies Nos. 1-2 / Danse et Chanson / Examen / Les voix (Epple)
Capriccio New Releases C5019
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, May 2010 read the review
DORMAN: Piano Sonatas 1-3 / Moments Musicaux / Azerbaijani Dance
Naxos 21st Century Classics 8.579001
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, June 2006 read the review
DOVE, J.: Song Cycles - All You Who Sleep Tonight / Out of Winter / Ariel (English Song, Vol. 23) (Booth, Bardon, Spence, Matthews-Owen)
Naxos English Song Series 8.573080
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, August 2014 read the review
DVOŘÁK, J. / HÄUBLEIN, P. / VINUESA, R.: Vespertine [Opera] (after Björk's album, 2018) (Mannheim National Theatre, Toogood)
Oehms Classics OC978
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, June 2019 read the review
EK, Mats: Juliet and Romeo (Ballet) (Royal Swedish Ballet, 2013) (NTSC)
C Major 715608
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, June 2016 read the review
FUCHS, K.: Piano Concerto, "Spiritualist" / Poems of Life / Glacier / Rush (Biegel, A.N. Cohen, Sparr, McAllister, London Symphony, Falletta)
Naxos American Classics 8.559824
  Jens F Laurson, Ionarts, December 2018 read the review
GADE, N.W.: Elverskud (Sung in German) / 5 Songs (Junker, Fuchs, Weisser, Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Concerto Copenhagen, Mortensen)
Dacapo CD 8.226035
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, April 2019 read the review
GOEHR, A.: Marching to Carcassonne / When Adam Fell / Pastorals (P. Serkin, BBC Symphony, London Sinfonietta, Knussen)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573052
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, June 2014 read the review
HASSE, J.A.: Artaserse (Festival della Valle d'Itria, 2012) (NTSC)
Dynamic DYN-37715
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, July 2016 read the review
HASSE, J.A.: Artaserse [Opera] (Giustiniani, Schiavo, Prina, Fagioli, Bove, Giovannini, Rovaris)
Dynamic CDS7715
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, July 2016 read the review
HAYDN, M.: 6 Minuetti, P. 70 / HAYDN, J.: Sinfonia Concertante / MOZART, W.A.: Symphony No. 41 (Concilium musicum Wien, P. Angerer)
Gramola Records Gramola99017
  Ionarts, May 2019 read the review
HOLMBOE, V.: Viola Concerto / Violin Concerto No. 2 / Concerto for Orchestra (Heide, Tomter, Norrkoping Symphony, Slobodeniouk)
Dacapo SACD 6.220599
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, January 2014 read the review
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, November 2013 read the review
HONEGGER, A.: Symphonies Nos. 2 and 3 / Rugby / Pacific 231 (South West German Radio Symphony, Denève)
SWR Classic CD93.343
  Charles T. Downey, Ionarts, November 2015 read the review
IRELAND, J.: String Orchestra Music (R. Wallfisch, Orchestra of the Swan, D. Curtis)
Naxos Regular CD 8.571372
  Jens F. Laurson, Ionarts, July 2019 read the review
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