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The Guardian - August 1990 to December 2019

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Counter-tenor Recital: d'Or, Yaniv (Latino Ladino - Songs of Exile and Passion from Spain and Latin America)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573566

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, July 2016 read the review
DELIUS, F.: String Quartet (original and revised versions) / ELGAR, E.: String Quartet (Villiers Quartet)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573586

  Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, April 2017 read the review
DODGSON, S.: String Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / Violin Sonatina / Caprice after Puck / Cello Partita (Karolos)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573856

  Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian, July 2018 read the review
DUBUGNON, R.: Arcanes Symphoniques / Triptyque / Le Songe Salinas (Gubisch, Dolié, Orchestre National de France, Petitgirard, Waldman, Gabel)
Naxos 21st Century Classics 8.573687

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, January 2017 read the review
DUKAS, P.: Symphony in C Major / L'apprenti sorcier / La Peri (Ireland RTÉ National Symphony, Tingaud)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573296

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, November 2014 read the review
DVOŘÁK, A.: Spectre's Bride (The) [Cantata] (Šaturová, Breslik, Plachetka, Wiener Singakademie, Vienna Radio Symphony, Meister)
Capriccio New Releases C5315

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, March 2017 read the review
DVOŘÁK, A.: Violin Concerto / Romance, Op. 11 / SUK, J.: Fantasy in G Minor, Op. 24 (C. Tetzlaff, Helsinki Philharmonic, Storgårds)
Ondine ODE1279-5

  Kate Molleson, The Guardian, March 2016 read the review
EŠENVALDS, Ē.: Choral Music (The Doors of Heaven) (Portland State Chamber Choir, Sperry)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.579008

  Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian, August 2017 read the review
FALLA, M. de: Amor brujo (El) (1915 version) / El retablo de Maese Pedro (Fernández, García, Zetlan, Garza, Perspectives Ensemble, Gil-Ordóñez)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573890
  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, June 2019 read the review
FIELD, J.: Piano Concertos, Vol. 3 - Nos. 5 and 6 (Frith, Northern Sinfonia, Haslam)
Naxos Regular CD 8.554221
  The Guardian, January 2002 read the review
FRICKER, P.R.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 / Adagio and Scherzo (Villiers Quartet)
Naxos Regular CD 8.571374

  Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian, February 2017 read the review
GINASTERA, A.: Concerto per corde / Estudios sinfónicos / Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals / Iubilum (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Tamayo)
Capriccio New Releases C5271

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, August 2016 read the review
GINASTERA, A.: Obertura para el Fausto criollo / Variaciones concertantes / Ollantay / Bomarzo Suite (Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic, Steffens)
Capriccio New Releases C5244

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, November 2015 read the review
GLANERT, D.: 4 Präludien und Ernste Gesänge (after Brahms) / BRAHMS, J.: Clarinet Sonata No. 1 (arr. L. Berio) (M. Nagy, Kriikku, Elts)
Ondine ODE1263-2

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, January 2017 read the review
GODOWSKY, L.: Piano Music, Vol. 13 (Scherbakov) - 6 Pieces for the Left Hand Alone / Transcriptions
Marco Polo Western CD 8.225367

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, November 2015 read the review
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