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Musical Toronto - February 2012 to November 2018

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HANDEL, G.F.: Messiah (Gauvin, Blaze, Muller, Polegato, Tafelmusik Chamber Choir and Baroque Orchestra, Taurins)
Tafelmusik TMK1016CD2
  John Terauds, Musical Toronto, December 2012 read the review
HANNIGAN, Barbara: Concert and Documentary - MOZART, W.A. / ROSSINI, G. / FAURÉ, G. / LIGETI, G. (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20327
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, June 2015 read the review
HARRISON, L.: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music (Fain, Boriskin, PostClassical Ensemble, Gil-Ordóñez)
Naxos American Classics 8.559825
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, June 2017 read the review
HINDEMITH, P.: Nobilissima Visione (Complete Ballet) / 5 Pieces for String Orchestra (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572763
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, August 2014 read the review
KAPRÁLOVÁ, V.: Piano Music (Complete) (Koukl)
Grand Piano GP708

  Norman Lebrecht, Musical Toronto, February 2017 read the review
LISZT, F.: Wagner Transcriptions (Liszt Complete Piano Music, Vol. 36) (Wolfram)
Naxos Liszt Complete Piano Music 8.572895
  John Terauds, Musical Toronto, September 2013 read the review
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 1 (Bavarian Radio Symphony, Nézet-Séguin)
BR-Klassik 900143

  Norman Lebrecht, Musical Toronto, March 2016 read the review
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 8, "Symphony of a Thousand" (Merbeth, Mattei, Bavarian Radio Chorus, Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Chailly) (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20390
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, August 2017 read the review
MOZART, W.A.: String Quartets Nos. 22 and 23 / String Quintet No. 2 (Tribute) (Dover Quartet, M. Tree)
Cedille CDR90000-167
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, December 2016 read the review
NYMAN, M.: Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (The) [Chamber Opera] (Treviño, Sjöwall, MacPherson, Nashville Opera Orchestra, D. Williamson)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660398

  Norman Lebrecht, Musical Toronto, September 2016 read the review
ONSLOW, G.: Cello Sonatas, Op. 16, Nos. 1-3 (Kliegel, Tichmann)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572830
  John Terauds, Musical Toronto, March 2013 read the review
Piano Recital: Osorio, Jorge Federico - CASTRO, R. / VILLANUEVA, F. / PONCE, M.M. / ROLON, J. (Salon Mexicano)
Cedille CDR90000-132
  John Terauds, Musical Toronto, September 2012 read the review
PIAZZOLLA, A.: Tango Nuevo (T. Cotik, Tao Lin)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573166
  John Terauds, Musical Toronto, November 2013 read the review
RACHMANINOV, S.: Etudes-tableaux, Op. 39 / Moments Musicaux (Giltburg)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573469

  Norman Lebrecht, Musical Toronto, December 2016 read the review
RAVEL, M.: Enfant et les sortilèges (L') / Ma mère l'oye (Hébrard, Galou, Pasturaud, Fouchécourt, Lyon National Orchestra, Slatkin)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660336
  Paul E. Robinson, Musical Toronto, May 2016 read the review
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