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Strings Magazine - November 2001 to April 2020

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POWELL, Maud: Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (1904-1917)
Great Violinists 8.110961
  Benjamin Ivry, Strings Magazine, March 2002 read the review
PRICE, F.B.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 4 (Fort Smith Symphony, Jeter)
Naxos American Classics 8.559827
  Strings Magazine, July 2019 read the review
RAUTAVAARA, E.: Concertos
Ondine ODE1156-2Q
  Edith Eisler, Strings Magazine, November 2009 read the review
ROREM, N.: Violin Concerto / Flute Concerto / Pilgrims (Khaner, Quint, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Serebrier)
Naxos American Classics 8.559278
  Edith Eisler, Strings Magazine, November 2008 read the review
ROZSA: Music for Violin and Piano
Naxos Regular CD 8.570190
  Strings Magazine, December 2008 read the review
SAINT-SAENS, C.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1-3 (Clamagirand, Sinfonia Finlandia Jyvaskyla, P. Gallois)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572037
  Laurence Vittes, Strings Magazine, July 2011 read the review
SARASATE, P. de: Violin and Piano Music, Vol. 2 (Tianwa Yang, Hadulla)
Naxos Regular CD 8.570192
  Strings Magazine, July 2009 read the review
SCHUMAN, W.: Violin Concerto / New England Triptych (Quint, Bournemouth Symphony, Serebrier)
Naxos American Classics 8.559083
  Robert Moon, Strings Magazine, November 2001 read the review
SCHUMANN, R.: String Quartets Nos. 1-3 (Ying Quartet)
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92184
  Laurence Vittes, Strings Magazine, March 2015 read the review
SCULTHORPE, P.: String Quartets with Didjeridu (Complete) (Kent, Del Sol String Quartet)
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92181
  Laurence Vittes, Strings Magazine, February 2015 read the review
SEREBRIER, J.: Symphony No. 1 / Nueve / Violin Concerto, "Winter" (Callow, Karr, Quint, Bournemouth Symphony and Chorus, Serebrier)
Naxos American Classics 8.559648
  Edith Eisler, Strings Magazine, January 2011 read the review
Naxos Regular CD 8.554830
  Strings Magazine, June 2003 read the review
String Quartet Recital: Del Sol String Quartet - BATES, M. / UENO, Ken / FAIROUZ, M. (Scrapyard Exotica)
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92193
  Cristina Schreil, Strings Magazine, November 2015 read the review
TCHAIKOVSKY / WIENIAWSKI / SIBELIUS: Violin Concertos (Heifetz) (1935-1937)
Great Violinists 8.110938
  Rober Moon, Strings Magazine, March 2002 read the review
TIPPETT, M.: String Quartets, Vol. 1 - Nos. 1, 2, 4 (Tippett Quartet)
Naxos Regular CD 8.570496
  Edith Eisler, Strings Magazine, March 2009 read the review
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