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El Nuevo Herald - April 2003 to April 2018

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BACH, J.C.F.: Symphonies, W. I/6, 10, 20 (Leipzig Chamber Orchestra, Schuldt-Jensen)
Naxos 18th Century 8.572217
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, January 2011 read the review
Vocal Recital: Glanville, Mark (A Yiddish Winterreise - A Holocaust Survivor's Inner Journey Told Through Yiddish Song)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572256
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, November 2010 read the review
PIAZZOLLA, A.: Sinfonia Buenos Aires / Aconcagua / 4 Seasons of Buenos Aires (Binelli, Tianwa Yang, Nashville Symphony, Guerrero)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572271
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, October 2010 read the review
Naxos Regular CD 8.572510
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, December 2010 read the review
EŠENVALDS, Ē.: Choral Music (The Doors of Heaven) (Portland State University Chamber Choir, Sperry)
Naxos Regular CD 8.579008
  Jesús Vega, El Nuevo Herald, August 2017 read the review
REBEL, F. / FRANCOEUR, F.: Zelindor, Roi des Sylphes [Opera] / Le Trophee Suite (Fouchecourt, H.G. Murphy, Opera Lafayette, R. Brown)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660224
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, November 2009 read the review
CHOPIN, F.: Piano Works (Barenboim - The Warsaw Recital) (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20102
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, November 2010 read the review
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 9 (Lucerne Festival Orchestra, Abbado) (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20214
  Sebastian Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, February 2011 read the review
MAHLER, G.: Knaben Wunderhorn (Des) / Symphony No. 10: Adagio (Kozena, Gerhaher, Boulez) (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20231
  Sebastián Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, July 2011 read the review
CHAILLY, Riccardo: Music - A Journey for Life (Documentary, 2014) (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20254
  Sebastian Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, April 2016 read the review
WAGNER, R.: Parsifal (Staatsoper unter den Linden, 2015) (NTSC)
Bel Air Classiques Media BAC128
  Sebastian Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, December 2016 read the review
DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux (Teatro Real, 2015) (NTSC)
Bel Air Classiques Media BAC130
  Sebastian Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, February 2017 read the review
VIVALDI, A.: Oboe Concertos (Klein, New Brandenburg Collegium, Newman)
Cedille CDR7003
  Jesus Vega, El Nuevo Herald, February 2011 read the review
AUERBACH, L.: 24 Preludes for Cello and Piano / Cello Sonata (Celloquy) (Aznavoorian, Auerbach)
Cedille CDR90000-137
  Jesús Vega, El Nuevo Herald, July 2013 read the review
Cedille CDR90000-139
  Sebastian Spreng, El Nuevo Herald, May 2013 read the review
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