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Le Devoir - December 2001 to September 2020

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GERSHWIN, G.: Piano Concerto / Second Rhapsody / I Got Rhythm Variations (Weiss, Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta)
Naxos American Classics 8.559705
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, March 2012 read the review
GILLESPIE, Dizzy: Groovin' High (1942-1949)
Naxos Jazz Legends 8.120582
  Serge Truffaut, Le Devoir, December 2001 read the review
GRIEG, E.: Orchestral Works (Complete) (Engeset) (8-CD Boxed Set)
Naxos CD Box Set 8.508015
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, June 2014 read the review
GRIEG, E.: String Quartets (arr. for string orchestra) / NORDHEIM, A.: Rendezvous (Oslo Camerata, Barratt-Due)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572441
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, June 2012 read the review
HANDEL, G.F.: Concerti Grossi, Op. 6 (Aradia Ensemble, Mallon)
Naxos Regular CD 8.557358-60
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, April 2013 read the review
HANDEL, G.F.: Messiah (Doyle, Zazzo, Davislim, N. Davies, Bavarian Radio Chorus, B'Rock, Dijkstra)
BR-Klassik 900510
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, December 2015 read the review
HANSON, H.: Symphonies (Complete), Vol. 2 - Symphony No. 2 / Lux aeterna / Mosaics (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)
Naxos American Classics 8.559701
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, February 2012 read the review
HAYDN, J.: Virtual Haydn (The) - Complete Works for Solo Keyboard (Blu-ray, HD)
Naxos DVD NBD0001-04
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, October 2009 read the review
HÉTU, J.: Chamber Works for Strings (Complete) (New Orford String Quartet, Dann, C. Carr, Hutchins)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573395
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, December 2014 read the review
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, October 2014 read the review
HINDEMITH, P.: Nobilissima Visione (Complete Ballet) / 5 Pieces for String Orchestra (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572763
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, July 2014 read the review
HOLST, G.: Symphony, "The Cotswolds" / Walt Whitman, Overture / Indra / Japanese Suite / A Winter Idyll (Ulster Orchestra, Falletta)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572914
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, August 2012 read the review
HOSOKAWA, Toshio: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2 - Woven Dreams / Blossoming II / Circulating Ocean (Märkl)
Naxos Japanese Classics 8.573276
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, October 2014 read the review
JANACEK, L.: Operatic Orchestral Suites, Vol. 1 (arr. P. Breiner) - Jenufa / The Excursions of Mr Broucek
Naxos Regular CD 8.570555
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, June 2009 read the review
KABALEVSKY, D.B.: Romeo and Juliet / Komedianti (The Comedians) / Pathétique Overture / Vesna (Spring) / Overture to Cola Breugnon (Lapunov)
Delos DRD2017
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, July 2012 read the review
KARAYEV, K.: 7 Beauties Ballet Suite / The Path of Thunder (Royal Philharmonic, Yablonsky) (Azerbaijani Composers, Vol. 4)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573122
  Christophe Huss, Le Devoir, January 2014 read the review
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