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Toronto Star - February 2001 to August 2011

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TANEYEV, S.I.: Violin Sonata / Piano Music (Peshkov, Solovieva)
Naxos Regular CD 8.557804

  John Terauds, Toronto Star, January 2010 read the review
TAVENER: Lament for Jerusalem
Naxos Regular CD 8.557826
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, April 2006 read the review
TAVENER: Piano Works
Naxos Regular CD 8.570442
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, August 2008 read the review
TAVERNER and TUDOR MUSIC II: Gloria tibi Trinitas (Ars Nova Copenhagen)
Ars Nova 8.226056
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, February 2009 read the review
TINTNER: Violin Sonata / Variations on a Theme of Chopin / Piano Sonata / Trauermusik
Naxos Regular CD 8.570258
  Toronto Star, July 2007 read the review
TURINA, J.: Violin and Piano Music - Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / El poema de una sanluquena / Variaciones clasicas / Euterpe (Leon, Maso)
Naxos Spanish Classics 8.570402
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, June 2009 read the review
TYBERG, M.: Symphony No. 3 / Piano Trio (M. Ludwig, Mekinulov, Ya-Fei Chuang, Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572236
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, August 2010 read the review
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Fantasia on Christmas Carols / Hodie
Naxos Regular CD 8.570439

  John Terauds, Toronto Star, December 2008 read the review
VERDI, G.: Forza del Destino (La) (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, 2007) (NTSC)
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, April 2009 read the review
Viola Recital: Magyar, Eniko - BLISS, A. / DELIUS, F. / BRIDGE, F. (The English Viola)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572407

  John Tharauds, Toronto Star, December 2009 read the review
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, December 2009 read the review
VIVALDI, A.: Four Seasons (The) / Violin Concertos, Op. 8, Nos. 5-6 (Cho-Liang Lin, Sejong, A. Newman)
Naxos Regular CD 8.557920
  John Terauds, Toronto Star, November 2006 read the review
VIVALDI: The Four Seasons (PAL)
Opus Arte OA0895D
  William Littler, Toronto Star, August 2004 read the review
WHITACRE, E.: Choral Music (Elora Festival Singers, Edison)
Naxos American Classics 8.559677

  John Terauds, Toronto Star, June 2010 read the review
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