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The Guardian - August 1990 to December 2019

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MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Sonata for Violin Alone / The Two Fiddlers: Dances / Violin Sonata / A Voyage to Fair Isle (D. and V. Ceccanti, Fossi, Canino)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573599

  Kate Molleson, The Guardian, January 2017 read the review
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 / String Quartet No. 8 (arr. for piano) (Giltburg, Owens, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, V. Petrenko)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573666

  Nicholas Kenyon, The Guardian, January 2017 read the review
DUBUGNON, R.: Arcanes Symphoniques / Triptyque / Le Songe Salinas (Gubisch, Dolié, Orchestre National de France, Petitgirard, Waldman, Gabel)
Naxos 21st Century Classics 8.573687

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, January 2017 read the review
HOSOKAWA, Toshio: Raven (The) [Monodrama] (Hellekant, United Instruments of Lucilin, Kentaro Kawase)
Naxos Japanese Classics 8.573724

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, May 2017 read the review
SAINT-SAËNS, C.: Symphonic Poems (Lille National Orchestra, Märkl)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573745

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, December 2017 read the review
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Symphonies Nos. 8, 9 and 11 (São Paulo Symphony, Karabtchevsky)
Naxos Regular CD 8.573777

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, June 2017 read the review
KODÁLY, Z.: Concerto for Orchestra / Dances of Galánta / Dances of Marosszék / The Peacock Variations (Buffalo Philharmonic, Falletta)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573838

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, January 2018 read the review
DODGSON, S.: String Trios Nos. 1 and 2 / Violin Sonatina / Caprice after Puck / Cello Partita (Karolos)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573856

  Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian, July 2018 read the review
FALLA, M. de: Amor brujo (El) (1915 version) / El retablo de Maese Pedro (Fernández, García, Zetlan, Garza, Perspectives Ensemble, Gil-Ordóñez)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.573890
  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, June 2019 read the review
RACHMANINOV, S.: Préludes, Op. 3, No. 2, Opp. 23 and 32 (Giltburg)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.574025
  Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, April 2019 read the review
EŠENVALDS, Ē.: Choral Music (The Doors of Heaven) (Portland State Chamber Choir, Sperry)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.579008

  Stephen Pritchard, The Guardian, August 2017 read the review
MILHAUD, D.: Orestie d'Eschyle (L') (L. Phillips, Dempson, Outlaw, Delphis, University of Michigan Choirs and Symphony Orchestra, K. Kiesler)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660349-51

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, August 2014 read the review
ROSSINI, G.: Guillaume Tell [Opera] (complete version) (Foster-Williams, Spyres, J. Howarth, Poznan Camerata Bach Choir, Virtuosi Brunensis, Fogliani)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660363-66

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, March 2015 read the review
MAYR, J.S.: Saffo [Opera] (A.L. Brown, M. Schäfer, Jaewon Yun, Bavarian State Opera Chorus, Simon Mayr Choir, Concerto de Bassus, Hauk)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660367-68

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, January 2016 read the review
WAGNER, R.: Ring des Nibelungen (Der): Das Rheingold [Opera] (Goerne, DeYoung, Begley, Sidhom, Cangelosi, Hong Kong Philharmonic, van Zweden)
Naxos Opera CD 8.660374-75

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, August 2015 read the review
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