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The Guardian - August 1990 to September 2019

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GINASTERA, A.: Obertura para el Fausto criollo / Variaciones concertantes / Ollantay / Bomarzo Suite (Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic, Steffens)
Capriccio New Releases C5244

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, November 2015 read the review
BRAUNFELS, W.: Don Juan / Symphonic Variations on an Old French Children's Song (Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg-Gera, Frank)
Capriccio New Releases C5250

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, January 2016 read the review
GINASTERA, A.: Concerto per corde / Estudios sinfónicos / Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals / Iubilum (Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Tamayo)
Capriccio New Releases C5271

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, August 2016 read the review
SCHMIDT, F.: Variations on a Hussar's Song / Fantasia / Chaconne (Stančul, Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic, Rumpf)
Capriccio New Releases C5274

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, August 2016 read the review
DVOŘÁK, A.: Spectre's Bride (The) [Cantata] (Šaturová, Breslik, Plachetka, Wiener Singakademie, Vienna Radio Symphony, Meister)
Capriccio New Releases C5315

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, March 2017 read the review
Violin and Cello Recital: Müller-Schott, Daniel / Fischer, Julia - KODÁLY, Z. / SCHULHOFF, E. / RAVEL, M. / HALVORSEN, J. (Duo Sessions)
Orfeo C902161A

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, July 2016 read the review
Violin Recital: Skride, Baiba - GRIEG, E. / NIELSEN, C. / SIBELIUS, J. / STENHAMMAR, W. (Violin Sonatas and Pieces)
Orfeo C913161A

  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, September 2016 read the review
STRAUSS, R.: Don Quixote / Cello Sonata (Müller-Schott, H. Schuch, Melbourne Symphony, A. Davis)
Orfeo C968191
  Erica Jeal, The Guardian, August 2019 read the review
ADAMS, J.L.: Become Ocean (Seattle Symphony, Ludovic)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21101

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, July 2019 read the review
ADAMS, J.L.: Ilimaq (Kotche)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21112

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, November 2015 read the review
LANG, David: National Anthems (The) / The Little Match Girl Passion (Los Angeles Master Chorale, Calder Quartet, Gershon)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21119

  Kate Molleson, The Guardian, June 2016 read the review
Instrumental and Choral Music - SKEMPTON, H. / ORTIZ, P. / REICH, S. / ANDRIESSEN, L. (First Drop) (Bowers-Broadbent, Ars Nova Copenhagen, P. Hillier)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21127

  Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, July 2017 read the review
Chamber Music - DESSNER, B. / MUHLY, N. / LOTT, R. / GLASS, P. (FILAMENT) (eighth blackbird)
Cedille CDR90000-157
  Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, December 2015 read the review
Chamber Music - ANDRES, T. / NORMAN, A. / HONSTEIN, R. / CERRONE, C. / HEARNE, T. / COOPER, J. (Hand Eye) (eighth blackbird)
Cedille CDR90000-162

  Andrew Clements, The Guardian, March 2016 read the review
Piano Trios - CLARKE, R. / BABADJANIAN, A. / MARTIN, F. (Trios from Our Homelands) (Lincoln Trio)
Cedille CDR90000-165

  Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, October 2016 read the review
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