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TWAIN, M.: Adventures of Tom Sawyer (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA786812
  Karen Demers, AudioFile, January 2009 read the review

  Peter Markovic,, August 2008 read the review
WHITFIELD, P.: History of English Poetry (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA791512
  AudioFile, December 2011 read the review
SLOUKA, M.: Visible World (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA793212
  Nola Theiss, Sound Commentary, June 2009 read the review
WILDE, O.: Picture of Dorian Gray (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA799112
  Leslie B. Fine, AudioFile, December 2016 read the review
DOSTOYEVSKY, F.: Brothers Karamazov (The) (Abridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA830612
  Aurelia C. Scott, AudioFile, February 2005 read the review
DICKENS, C.: Bleak House (Abridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA844312
  Donna Gerardo, AudioFile, June 2007 read the review
WHITE, T.H.: Sword in the Stone (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA885312
  leecat, Reading with my ears, December 2010 read the review
DOYLE, A.C.: Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (Complete) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA888812
  Publishers Weekly, June 2011 read the review
DICKENS, C.: Little Dorrit (Abridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA889912
  Glenn Hopp, AudioFile, February 2009 read the review
PROUST, M.: Essential Remembrance of Things Past (The)
Naxos AudioBooks NA898812
  Nancy Chaplin, Sound Commentary, April 2011 read the review
  David A. Walton, AudioFile, August 2010 read the review
GASKELL, E.: Wives and Daughters (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA923012
  Francine Levitov, Sound Commentary, May 2010 read the review
MILTON, J.: Paradise Lost (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA935012
  Mark Haddon, The Week Magazine, May 2016 read the review
  Bradley Winterton, Taipei Times, August 2012 read the review
DICKENS, C.: Our Mutual Friend (Abridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA985712

  Anna Broome, AudioFile, May 2008 read the review
WHITE, T.H.: Candle in the Wind (The) / The Book of Merlyn (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA988012
  Benjamin Cheever, AudioFile, January 2009 read the review
STENDHAL: Red and the Black (Unabriged)
Naxos AudioBooks NAB39812
  D.M.W., AudioFile, September 2011 read the review
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