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MusicWeb International - May 1999 to March 2020

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AUBER, D.-F.: Maçon (Le) [Opera] (Sung in German) (Dotzer, Fuchs, Politis, Rössel-Majdan, Tonkünstler Chorus and Orchestra, Tenner)
Orfeo C985191
  Raymond J Walker, MusicWeb International, December 2019 read the review
AUBER, D.-F.: Overtures - Le maçon / Leicester / Le séjour militaire / La neige (Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Pardubice, D. Salvi)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.574005
  Rob Maynard, MusicWeb International, February 2020 read the review
AUBER, D.-F.: Sirène (La) [Opera] (Crousaud, Lorthiois, Flabat, Les Métaboles, Orchestre des Frivolités Parisiennes, Reiland)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.660436
  Raymond J Walker, MusicWeb International, May 2019 read the review
AUERBACH, L.: 24 Preludes for Cello and Piano / Cello Sonata (Celloquy) (Aznavoorian, Auerbach)
Cedille CDR90000-137

  Brian Reinhart, MusicWeb International, December 2013 read the review

  Brian Reinhart, MusicWeb International, June 2013 read the review
AUERBACH, L.: Tatiana (Hamburg Ballet, 2014) (Blu-ray, HD)
C Major 737504
  Margarida Mota-Bull, MusicWeb International, August 2016 read the review
AUGUSTYN, R.: Choral Music (sub iove) (Drożdżewska, Michaliszyn, J. Rot, Gembalski, Jędraś, Muzioł, Cantores Minores Wratislavienses, Karpeta)
CD Accord CDAccordACD212
  Michael Wilkinson, MusicWeb International, July 2017 read the review
AUGUSTYN, R.: String Quartets (Silesian String Quartet)
CD Accord CDAccordACD165
  Dominy Clements, MusicWeb International, March 2011 read the review
AURIC: Belle et la Bete (La) (Beauty and the Beast)
Naxos Film Music Classics 8.557707
  Hubert Culot, MusicWeb International, June 2005 read the review
AURIC: Symphonie Pastorale (La) / Macao, L'Enfer du jeu
Marco Polo Film Music 8.225136
  Ian Lace, MusicWeb International, April 2001 read the review
AVISON: 6 Violin Concertos, Op. 3 / 8 Violin Concertos, Op. 4
Naxos Regular CD 8.557905-06
  Robert Hugill, MusicWeb International, August 2006 read the review
Naxos American Jewish Music 8.559426
  Colin Clarke, MusicWeb International, August 2005 read the review
AZARASHVILI, V.: Cello and Piano Works (Complete) (Days Go By) (A. Suleiman, Issakadze)
Naxos Regular CD (NRE) 8.579030
  Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, December 2018 read the review
AZERBAIJANI PIANO CONCERTOS (Badalbeyli, Adigezalzade, Royal Philharmonic, Yablonsky) (Azerbaijani Composers, Vol. 3)
Naxos Regular CD 8.572666
  Byzantion, MusicWeb International, January 2012 read the review
  Steve Arloff, MusicWeb International, December 2011 read the review
  Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, November 2011 read the review
BABADJANIAN, A.H.: Piano Solo Works (Complete) (Melikyan)
Grand Piano GP674
  Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International, February 2014 read the review
BABADJANIAN, A.H.: Piano Trio in F-Sharp Minor / VASKS, P.: Episodi e canto perpetuo (Potch Trio)
Delos DE3420
  Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International, March 2015 read the review
  Brian Reinhart, MusicWeb International, December 2014 read the review
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