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Dean Frey
Music for Several Instruments, October 2019

…I couldn’t be more positive about the Nightingale String Quartet’s performances and DaCapo’s recordings and presentation. As to the music itself, I’m an even bigger fan of Langgaard now that I’m more familiar with his symphonies, and his splendid opera The Antichrist.

Kudos to these excellent musicians and to DaCapo for such a marvellous survey of this very fine music. © 2019 Music for Several Instruments Read complete review

Grant Chu Covell
La Folia, November 2015

This is eccentric music, beautiful in parts, but not as extensively developed as might be expected from the maturity of the exposition. © 2015 La Folia Read complete review

Matthew Rye
The Strad, May 2015

The Nightingale players have already proved their mettle in this sometimes intriguing, sometimes prosaic music, producing a wholesome, forward sound, as captured by the Dacapo engineers. …the players exploit both tonal warmth and rhythmic airiness to bring out the best in the music’s contrapuntal interplay and melodic ingenuity. © 2015 The Strad Read complete review

Robert Benson, April 2015

These gentle quartets are far removed from the composer’s grand, dramatic later works, and these fine performances, beautifully recorded, are an important addition to the catalog. © 2015 Read complete review

Roy Westbrook
MusicWeb International, March 2015

The Nightingale Quartet are in fine form…and bring all the freshness of new discovery to their splendid performances. Their tone, ensemble, tempi, and dynamics serve the music well in both quartets. There is an affecting tenderness and warmth to their music-making, and they are sure to win new friends for this music… © 2015 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Ralph Graves
WTJU, March 2015

The Nightingale String Quartet turns in committed performances, bringing to light the subtle nuances of the scores. Excellent performances of exceptional music. © 2015 WTJU Read complete review

Jack Sullivan
American Record Guide, March 2015

The performance by the young, all-female Nightingale Quartet is loving, colorful, and deeply engaging. This is a beautiful finale to an important series. © 2015 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Jim Svejda
Fanfare, March 2015

The Quartet No. 1…is an altogether astonishing achievement for a composer of 21. The Nightingales not only negotiate the heady mood swings to perfection, but they also give the work a sense of coherence and completeness that suggests a thorough absorption of the composer’s distinctive idiom.

That feeling of complete identification continues in the Quartet No. 5… The Nightingale’s response is again spot-on, as they assume their brief is to play as beautifully as they possibly can, which they do to heart-tugging effect.

…an album (and a series) that no lover of chamber music should resist. © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Terry Robbins
The WholeNote, February 2015

…the performances by the prize-winning all-female Nightingale Quartet are outstanding—warm, passionate, expressive and displaying great ensemble playing. Beautifully recorded at the Royal Danish Academy of Music…these performances are as close to definitive as you can get; the complete set is an outstanding addition to the 20th century string quartet discography. © 2015 The WholeNote Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, December 2014

The Nightingale Quartet do a splendid job bringing out the drama and nuances of the works and in so doing go a long ways in helping you forget [Laanggaard’s] out-of-time stance.

The music and performances together make for a very rewarding experience, beyond what you might have expected, yes, but in every way worth immersing oneself in. The Nightingale Quartet take to these works with clarity, passion and the best kind of four-way dialoging. Bravo! © 2014 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Bob McQuiston
Classical Lost and Found, December 2014

[The Nightingale Quartet’s]…playing is not only technically accomplished, but reveals a great understanding and sensitivity for [Langgaard’s] music. It’s easy to understand why they won Gramophone Magazine’s 2014 “Young Artist of the Year Award” for these stunning interpretations of works by one of Denmark’s most autonomous composers. © 2014 Classical Lost and Found Read complete review

David Fanning
Gramophone, December 2014

Gramophone’s current Young Artists of the Year complete their exploration of Langgaard in style, leaving those who have followed them on the journey much the richer for it. © 2014 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone, November 2014

The Nightingale String Quartet handles these very different pieces with skill and understanding, allowing the thorny elements their difficulties and the expressive ones their beauties, thus showing how extreme the mood swings tend to be in all Langgaard’s music. © 2014 Read complete review

John Miller, November 2014

…the performances here once more demonstrate [the quartet’s]…uncanny affinity to illuminate Langgaard’s string music, taking the wild changes of mood so characteristic of the composer as if they were entirely natural, and also conjuring many exquisite moments from his poetic and romantic lyricism.

Dacapo’s full set of Rued Langgaard’s String Quartets is a triumph in musicianship and engineering; it already seems to have been added to the new understanding of the composer and his wild work. Followers of the Langgaard restoration should certainly hear these discs, and lovers of string quartets may well be very surprised at what they have been missing. © 2014 Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review Corner, October 2014

Shunned by the Danish music establishment during his lifetime, Rued Langgaard, with dogged determination, completed over four hundred scores in most genres. By the age of eighteen he had written an hour-long symphony, only to find that the powers-that-be in his homeland made it impossible for him to arrange a first performance. That took place in Germany with the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Max Fiedler, its success of little avail, as the following year the First World War was declared, an event that closed that avenue for future performances. Suitably humbled the Danish music establishment now recognise that he was, of his time, one of Europe’s most outstanding composers, his complete string quartets now recorded by the Nightingale String Quartet for the Danish national record label, Dacapo. Completed in 1914, when he was twenty-one, he soon lost faith in the First Quartet, and was to totally revise it two decades later when he rejected two of its original movements. The end result has a relationship in style and content with Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht, though in Langgaard’s case the mood swings are far greater and dramatic. It is a score that impresses on first hearing, and subsequently chisels its way into your memory. The Fifth also underwent considerable changes before arriving in its final state thirteen years later. By now he had chosen to ignore those around him and wrote the work as a lyric and very beautiful score. The disc is completed with a brief morsel—the ‘Italian Scherzo’ . Not quite in the centre of every violin note in the Fifth, the young Nightingale Quartet are powerful champions of an outstanding composer, the disc beautifully recorded and fervently recommended. © 2014 David’s Review Corner

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