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Alan Becker
American Record Guide, September 2017

“Apocalyptic and paradisiac visions of good and evil meet aphoristic miniatures of nine small, mainly malignant insects”.

Anticipating an hour of itchy, scratchy pleasures, my ears were not in the least assaulted by those “malignant insects”—are there any other kind? The reference is obviously to the 9 puzzle pictures gathered under the title Insectarium. Among the creatures for our delectation is the ‘Earwig’, ‘Death watch beetle’, ‘Housefly’, ‘Millipede’ and ‘Mosquito’, each depicted with creepy exactitude. We do manage to get through them in under ten minutes. Danish pianist Tange obviously relishes her task to the fullest and, if not quite embracing the minimalism we all love (and hate), composer Langgaard gets us past the crawlies without lingering.

Other pieces show a high degree of creativity that is shared by this pianist. Eccentric as Langgaard may be, his music begs for rediscovery; and Tange has already impressed me with an earlier volume. With an open mind and heart you will definitely want also to explore Langgaard’s orchestral works and his strangely mesmerizing opera Antichrist. Good notes and fine recording add to the interest and enjoyment. © 2017 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, July 2017

The music of Danish composer Rued Langaard (1893–1952) has gradually been gaining more notice here in the States. …as played with distinction by pianist Bent Johansen Tange.

These are pieces written not so much for immediate performances (many were not in fact performed publicly until after his death) as for the sake of a personal expressive outlet. And so the music has a kind of inner deepness more than an audience pleasing demeanor. There is often enough a virtuoso component and a very personal originality. They are sometimes modernistic in tenor, yet they also have a kind of personal determination that is heedless of the prevailing trends, and that can in fact be quite endearing to hear. © 2017 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Stuart Sillitoe
MusicWeb International, July 2017

…the performances of Berit Johansen Tange are first rate; her ability to alternate between all the musical styles whilst still giving a fully nuanced performance is wonderful. She is helped by the recorded sound which gets the very best from the piano and pianist… © 2017 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Records International, May 2017

Apocalyptic and paradisiac visions of good and evil (where hatred of the Catholic Church and need for it produce two “little sonatas” which express it side-by-side) meet aphoristic miniatures of nine small, mainly malignant insects. Langgaard’s rousing graphic imagery is on full display in this third volume: mysterious forces, poetic gracefulness, obsession and absurd hysteria are all part of Langgaard’s both dark and wondrous expression. © 2017 Records International

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