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"Not all woodwinds are equal in concerti and chamber music. The bassoon has been called the clown of the orchestra, relegated to bubbly sounds beneath other winds and granted an occasional brilliant solo work, such as Mozart's Bassoon Concerto. So what joy to hear the bassoon concerti of Mozart's contemporary, Antonio Rosetti! These works (he wrote five) give the bassoon all the virtuosity of any woodwind, not apologizing at all for its unique tone but fully exploiting its range and sensitivities. Three of the four concerti played excellently by Albrecht Holder have never been recorded before, and all have wonderful moments. Most cohesive and interesting is number C69 in the Murray catalogue of Rosetti's works: themes flow naturally and virtuosity is at their service. Murray C73 has an especially elaborate solo part in the first movement. Murray C75 is unusual for its key -- F major (all the other concerti here are in B-flat) -- and for a finale in duple rather than 6/8 meter. Murray C74, the only concerto previously recorded, begins with an orchestral tutti that sounds astonishingly like Mozart, though the solo part is somewhat less interesting. All these fine works deserve to be better known."

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