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Jeff Simon
The Buffalo News, July 2015

…great fun. © 2015 The Buffalo News Read complete review

Jack Sullivan
American Record Guide, May 2015

All the performances…are confident—refined yet impassioned. © 2015 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Michael Johnson
Facts & Arts, January 2015

On this CD, an unusual feature is Pann’s overt tribute to pianist Joel Hastings…These two musicians bring out the best in each other.

Carter Pann and Joel Hastings have much more music in them. I look forward to further exploration of contemporary sounds from them. © 2015 Facts & Arts Read complete review

David Abrams
Café Momus, December 2014

The quality of playing throughout this recording is beyond reproach. Joel Hastings…has the technical prowess to toss off the most demanding sections of Pann’s musicincluding as the dazzling but pernicious showpiece number, Grand Etude-Fantasy.

I am especially impressed with Hastings’s deep level of feeling and sensitively in such numbers as the Cradle Song and Orion. © 2014 Café Momus Read complete review

Lawrence Schenbeck
PS Audio, December 2014

Pann wears his varied influences proudly on his sleeve, but there are enough clever, original moments in this album to allow us fond hopes for the future. Definitely recommended. © 2014 PS Audio Read complete review

Kile Smith
WRTI-FM, Philadelphia, December 2014

Pann dedicated each of the movements to a separate pianist, and we hear distinct personalities throughout the work. What we hear in Carter Pann is a composer at ease with music; he breathes with music in the many styles…Joel Hastings is the splendid performer. © 2014 WRTI-FM, Phildelphia Read complete review

Philip Scott
Limelight, December 2014

Canadian pianist [Joel Hastings’s]…complete immersion in this music and polished playing showcases the composer’s ideas to the best possible advantage.

…performance is clearly definitive. © 2015 Limelight Magazine

Joe Milicia
Enjoy the Music, November 2014

Sound Quality:

What makes this release especially attractive is the virtuosity of Joel Hastings, the artist for whom the suite was written, supported by recorded sound as good as any I’ve heard for solo piano.

Everywhere else I found his playing splendid, especially in its rhythmic vitality, its plangency in the quieter movements, and its seemingly effortless handling of some rather dazzling passages of piano virtuosity…[and] Naxos’ engineer, Todd Sager, has done an absolutely first-rate job of capturing the sound of Hastings’ [piano]: rich and clear, undistorted in the loudest passages, completely satisfying. © 2014 Enjoy the Music Read complete review

Bob Neill
Positive Feedback Online, November 2014

In this album, Pann sets out to demonstrate that this music can be made into something else, a new and different kind of music…To my ears, the music on this album makes a compelling case for what Pann aspires to.

If there is a spectrum that leads from classical music at one end to popular music at the other…then the music on this album is bit farther past it. It has the open heart of popular music, some of the subtle physicality of jazz, and some of the thoughtfulness of the classical idiom. Most importantly, it has a different quality of mind than all of them. It really does feel to me like something new. © 2014 Positive Feedback Online Read complete review

Steven A. Kennedy
Cinemusical, October 2014

The Piano’s 12 Sides is a massive collection essentially of somewhat disparate musical pieces. Many of the pieces are quite stunning and superbly performed here by Hastings who…meet the technical demands and communicate this new musical voice. Fortunately these are couched in a very accessible musical language that make the set quite attractive.

Highly recommended. © 2014 Cinemusical Read complete review

Dan Morgan
MusicWeb International, September 2014

Feisty, sense-sating music from a terrific talent; superbly played and recorded. © 2014 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, September 2014

I’ve gotten a nice boost upwards into the compositional world of Carter Pann with his latest CD The Piano’s 12 Sides. Joel Hastings gives us very enveloping, vibrant renditions of the…title opus plus a number of shorter works, all but one enjoying their world premiere recording here.

Joel Hastings plays these works as if he were born to them. He has just the right combination of touch and cool, yet impassioned power to make the performances truly characteristic.

I must say I find this one much to my liking. Any lover of the thoughtfully poetic qualities of the pianoforte as developed by the more dazzled and dappled composers and performers over the last century will find this something familiar yet fresh, a delight. © 2014 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review Corner, September 2014

Completed two years ago, The Piano’s 12 Sides, from the composer/pianist, Carter Pann, is in twelve highly contrasting movements that lasts for over the hour. For the Canadian-born pianist it is an unqualified triumph. Clarity, even in the most complex passages, and that feeling that nothing would be too difficult for him, is captured in a recording of outstanding quality. © 2014 David’s Review Corner, August 2014

The Pann CD is dominated by the full-hour The Piano’s 12 Sides, a kind of songs-without-words cycle whose dozen movements are intended to encompass pretty much all the moods of which the instrument is capable: lyrical, sardonic, introspective, virtuosic, danceable, forthright, strange and intense. The Bills shows clear ragtime influence; Your Touch is the slow movement from Pann’s Piano Concerto and is suitably quiet, restrained and jazzy; and The Cheese Grater—A Mean Two-Step is fast-paced, bouncy and intense. © 2014 Read complete review

Ettore Garzia
Percorsi Musicali, August 2014

…Pann’s compositions have an essential requirement in the perfect execution: the confidence and esteem in Joel Hastings, Canadian award-winning pianist for his interpretations of Chopin and Liszt, was not misplaced, because Hastings, with his expressive verve, is the winner of this work together to Pann… © 2014 Percorsi Musicali Read complete review

Nancy Lee Harper
Piano Journal

Joel Hastings’ playing is brilliant, expressive, colourful, sensitive and thrilling. [He] has the technique to play these works as though effortless articulation. His pedalling is always clear and his dynamic range is broad so that he can choose to focus on mid-range to pianissimo with much variety; when he opts to play loudly the pieces have a defined line that draws attention to the most important elements, whether voicing, rubato, or other. This is a pianist worth watching and listening to. © 2014 Piano Journal

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