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Steven Kruger
Fanfare, November 2015

Tingaud leads a highly energized and precise account, as if he were George Szell. La péri is a powerfully evocative ballet and a great favorite as well, nicely done here… © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Lee Passarella
Audiophile Audition, May 2015

The conductor has prepared his band well; they sound quite French in these performances, with the bright brass sonorities that French composers favor and suave playing in the other departments as well. Naxos’s recording, too, is a fine one: crisp and clear, with excellent transient response. (The percussion in La Péri is really scintillating!) …with excellent playing and state-of-art digital sound, the present disc from Naxos is more than a bargain, and I highly recommend it. © 2015 Audiophile Audition Read complete review

James L. Zychowicz
MusicWeb International, March 2015

The conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud…avows his intention to represent the composer’s scores faithfully, and this is borne out in uniformly compelling performances of all the works on this CD.

As familiar as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice may be, the score merits rehearing because of Tingaud’s masterful treatment. Details emerge in various places, with the woodwind textures particularly clear, and the brass prominent without being domineering. The rich string sound that Tingaud achieves supports the textures throughout and demonstrates effective nuances in tempo and dynamics. Tingaud is compelling for its careful attention to detail, rather than the broad strokes applied by some conductors. The drama implicit in this score emerges vividly.

The fine playing of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra is supported well by admirable engineering. Those who are unfamiliar with Tingaud’s work will find an outstanding introduction to it in this disc: a major new conductor. © 2015 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Don O’Connor
American Record Guide, March 2015

[La Peri’s] sensitive coloring got its due, and Tingaud gave the music a formal spine. His molding of its dynamic scheme is the best I’ve heard. It goes to the head of the field in excellence and elegance.

…for both quality and quantity, it’s a top-notch offering. © 2015 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Steven Kruger
Fanfare, March 2015

…this new Naxos release from Dublin, under rising young conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud, steps to the head of the pack. We seem to have before our ears a French George Szell in the making.

Tingaud’s performance of La Péri would sweep the field… And his Sorcerer’s Apprentice need not apologize to anyone…the music comes across beautifully, with Szell-like articulation. There is not a hint of Disney.

The Irish putting on French airs will impress you. © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Lynn René Bayley
Fanfare, March 2015

Taking the Tingaud recording entirely on its own merits, one [will] be amazed by the transparency and clarity of his performance… © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Jerry Dubins
Fanfare, March 2015

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is not really your typical pops concert fare. It’s a serious piece, masterfully crafted and cunningly orchestrated… This is a phenomenal performance of Dukas’s score by Jean-Luc Tingaud and Ireland’s RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. The shimmering effect in the strings in the opening bars is magical, the woodwinds and brass add just the right amounts of piquancy and pique, and the mounting tension is ratcheted up with an ear towards creating an atmosphere of maximum desperation and panic—superbly well done.

Here we have…a French conductor with a non-French orchestra, and they easily win my affection. © 2015 Fanfare Read complete review

Christopher DingLe
BBC Music Magazine, March 2015

It is clearly a labour of love for conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud. He has not only polished the playing of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra to a beguiling level of Gallic sparkle, but also consulted manuscript sources for all three works. The result, especially in the ballet La Peri, is a performance of sumptuous beauty allied to fine control. There is some gorgeous horn playing and, in Tingaud’s hands, there is plenty of space for the delicate finesses of Dukas’s orchestration. © 2015 BBC Music Magazine

Phil Muse
Audio Video Club of Atlanta, March 2015

Tingaud handles the large forces and precisely detailed [scores] with distinction, and the orchestra responds to his direction. © 2015 Audio Video Club of Atlanta Read complete review

Brian Wigman
Classical Net, February 2015

The ubiquitous Sorcerer’s Apprentice is wonderful. Jean-Luc Tingaud finds a ton of little details that allow us to appreciate how fine this little tone poem actually is. The selections from La Péri…receives the finest performance I have yet heard.

[In the Symphony]…the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra makes some beautiful sounds, with special mention for the woodwinds. The strings really dig in and provide a rock-solid framework for the music to ebb and flow. © 2015 Classical Net Read complete review

Jan Julier
International Record Review, January 2015

…Jean-Luc Tingaud is an inspirational guide to the composer’s vivid and fastidious sound-world…he intuitively coaxes the RTÉ orchestra to nail both the élan and poise of the Symphony, still an underrated rarity on disc and in the concert hall.

Alert to Dukas’s position as the natural bridge in the French tradition from the romanticism of Berlioz to the innovations of Debussy, Ravel and beyond, Tingaud has taken great care with his Irish forces to achieve a distinctively French orchestral sound. © 2015 International Record Review

Andrew Achenbach
Gramophone, January 2015

…Tingaud’s is certainly a version to reckon with and should be snapped up by anyone who has yet to fall under the spell of this criminally underrated score. © 2015 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone

Remy Franck
Pizzicato, December 2014

With his Irish orchestra, Jean-Luc Tingaud give Dukas a genuinely French flair. With much energy and passion he refreshes colors and avoids any pathos. Especially the symphony is getting here an excitingly fresh character. © 2015 Pizzicato

Andrew Clements
The Guardian, November 2014

…played with…energy and vivid characterisation [by] Jean-Luc Tingaud and the RTÉ Symphony… © 2014 The Guardian Read complete review

David Hurwitz, November 2014

…he [Jean-Luc Tingaud] does play all three pieces with a certain idiomatic flair that’s both quite memorable and often excitingly fresh. © 2014 Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review Corner, November 2014

I still vividly recall first hearing the opening bars of Dukas’s oriental ballet, La Peri, and thinking that was surely the most beautiful music ever to have been composed. Fifty years on and my thoughts remain unchanged, the sheer simplicity of the moment so perfectly capturing the suns rays slowly awakening the human surrounded by an exotic landscape. The complex story is one of mythical and sensual happenings, the passion felt by the man towards the woman slowly coming to a massive climatic moment for the orchestra’s full resources, before returning to the opening music as peace and death arrive. Then, as the booklet explains, the much experienced French conductor, Jean-Luc Tingaud, has spotted differences in various editions of Dukas’ music, and has been given the rare opportunity of returning to the composer’s manuscripts, only to find so many errors in the scores that we hear nowadays. Maybe you would not readily notice the differences in works we seldom find in concert performances, but here, for the first time on disc, we have the music as written by Dukas. He was a perfectionist and his most severe critic, destroying most of his completed manuscripts. Yet his Symphony is a perfectly crafted score of infinite delights, the many subtle colours in the long central Andante contrasting with the vivid hues of the outer movements. When on top form, as they are here, the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland stand high among Europe’s finest ensembles, and they are captured in a highly detailed recording with a wide dynamic range. © 2014 © 2014 David’s Review Corner

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