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HAYDN, M.: Symphonies, Vol. 1 - P. 15, 16, 19, 21 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Patrick Gallois) 8.573497
HAYDN, M.: Symphonies, Vol. 2 - P. 17, 18, 22, 42 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Patrick Gallois) 8.573498

As these two bright and generally bubbly CDs show, [Haydn] was a composer of some stature, with a strong sense of rhythm, a fine feel for orchestral balance, and occasional instances of genuine creativity, …Michael Haydn was actually a very popular composer in his lifetime, and these CDs show why: his symphonies fit neatly into the expected categories of graceful Classical-era composition. They certainly deserve to be heard from time to time, and some very intriguing concerts could be created by carefully choosing a mixture of symphonies by Michael Haydn, Joseph Haydn and Mozart. © 2016 Read complete review

James A. Altena
Fanfare, November 2016

…Gallois has a very audible and busy harpsichord continuo in his recordings, …This is one of those things that likely will occasion divided reactions; some will find that it fleshes out and enlivens the music, while others will find it distracting and not wearing well over time. I’m inclined to the former position, …The Czech Chamber Philharmonic plays crisply and with panache. © 2016 Fanfare Read complete review

Jerry Dubins
Fanfare, November 2016

The performances by Patrick Gallois, famous flutist turned conductor, and the…Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, are very fine indeed—spirited, uplifting, and thoroughly responsive to the music.

…Gallois’s Czech ensemble plays with informed and impeccable period style. …[consistent] interpretive approach, orchestral playing, and recorded sound. © 2016 Fanfare Read complete review

Donald R Vroon
American Record Guide, September 2016

These are bright and cheerful performances, but they are not brisk or rushed. Tempos are reasonable; Andantes are andante. © 2016 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Michael Wilkinson
MusicWeb International, August 2016

This CD will give enormous pleasure, and perhaps encourage wider performance. Gallois has the music’s measure and the orchestra plays very well. © 2016 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, August 2016

The works are on the whole nicely inventive, rich in orchestral detail, and very spirited.

Compositions and performances are well matched for a very stimulating and pleasurable program. A promising start to a series that should enlighten us significantly.

Recommended! © 2016 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

David Mellor
Classic FM, July 2016

HAYDN, M.: Symphonies, Vol. 1 - P. 15, 16, 19, 21 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Patrick Gallois) 8.573497
HAYDN, M.: Symphonies, Vol. 2 - P. 17, 18, 22, 42 (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Patrick Gallois) 8.573498

Gallois and his Czech band play four symphonies on each of these two volumes, available separately, the first of which lasts 71 minutes, and the second of which 69. There’s good value here, and some interesting listening for the curious. © 2016 Classic FM Read complete review

David Threasher
Gramophone, July 2016

These are charming works, nevertheless, every bit the equal of many of Mozart’s youthful works and allowing a greater degree of lyricism than brother Joseph would admit in his symphonies. © 2016 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone

David Denton
David's Review Corner, June 2016

There were those who preferred the younger brother of the celebrated Franz Joseph Haydn, and several works by Johann Michael were long thought to be by Mozart. He was certainly prolific in his output, his orchestral portfolio including over forty Sinfonias as the forerunner of the modern symphony. The two brothers enjoyed a similar education, Michael (he dropped the name, Johann) finding ready employment his colleagues at court included Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus, and that no doubt accounted for his music becoming ‘mixed up’ with the output of Leopold’s young son, Wolfgang. The present disc would show Michael to have been a highly competent composer, but of the kapellmeister category when compared with his gifted brother, and concentrates on the Sinfonias from the 1780’s. That takes him into the later part of his career—he died when he was 59—and they were all quite short, even by standards at that time. Usually in three movements of roughly equal length, that left him with only the finale where he could inject a mood of vivacity—a fugato used in the D and C major scores using horns to add their weight. It appears that an orchestra of some 30 players were involved in this recording, which would have been the size of Haydn’s court orchestra, the conductor, Patrick Gallois, keeping the music moving with suitable impetus, and I particularly enjoyed the lilting tempo of his central Andante sostenutos. The sound, in this promised survey of Michael Haydn’s Sinfonias, is pleasing. © 2016 David’s Review Corner

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