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William Kreindler
MusicWeb International, September 2018

The RTE players bring a shimmering tone to the two ballets that is exactly right and the brass are excellent throughout. The sound in the National Concert Hall in Dublin unfortunately does not do justice to the players’ sound. It is to be hoped that Tingaud and the orchestra will continue exploring French music, perhaps with slightly less recorded composers such as Koechlin or Chabrier. © 2018 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Donald R Vroon
American Record Guide, September 2018

These Irish musicians [Ireland RTÉ National Symphony] almost manage to sound French. I am pleased that they bring a little something different to the music, so the “almost” is meant as a compliment. They are a little more substantial, a little less “airy” than French orchestras who have recorded this man’s [Poulenc's] music. © 2018 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Jerry Dubins
Fanfare, September 2018

Tingaud handles Poulenc’s mercurial moods deftly, drawing playing from the orchestra that is both naughty and nice. It’s off-colorful where it’s meant to be, and delicate and sensitive in those moments that Poulenc makes himself vulnerable. Strongly recommended for over an hour’s worth of mostly fun music, with a number of very touching moments along the way, which may be the most memorable and lasting moments of Poulenc’s legacy. © 2018 Fanfare Read complete review

Michael Quinn
Classical Ear, June 2018

Les Animaux modèles finds the Irish players responding to its lyricism with characterful, cultured aplomb, their adroitly idiomatic approach dotted by telling details lit up by Tingaud… The dancing Sinfonietta receives a performance of balletic nimbleness and nuanced charm, the RTÉ players clearly enjoying themselves. © 2018 Classical Ear Read complete review

Barry Forshaw
Classical CD Choice, June 2018

Poulenc wrote two ballets, the suites from which feature on this recording. Fusing together musical styles from various periods and genres enabled him to construct the largely plot-free narrative of Les Biches, a sequence of captivating dances that explore many themes which were considered taboo at the time. © 2018 Classical CD Choice Read complete review

James Manheim, June 2018

There are several good recordings on the market, some of which give the music a darker tinge in place of the straight high spirits you get here from the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland under conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud.

A satisfying hour of light music from this still-underrated composer. © 2018 Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, June 2018

The RTE National Symphony Orchestra under conductor Jean-Luc Tingaud give to us a very animated and enthusiastic reading of three such gems by Francis Poulenc, namely Les Biches—Suite, Les Animaux modeles—Suite and Sinfonietta (Naxos 8.573739).

You know you are in for some detailed and dramatic readings from the first strains of the “Rondean” movement of the Suite from “Les Biches.” And you recognize immediately from the presence of the performances how much the works demand a sympathetic vision to bring them fully to life. And this program has all of that in abundance. © 2018 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Steven A Kennedy
Cinemusical, June 2018

Tingaud draws clear contours with the thematic ideas in this music. The texture is excellently delineated with clear phrasing and excellent rhythmic precision. Tempi are spot on and the orchestra acquits themselves excellently in the faster segments of the music. The recording detail allows Poulenc’s witty orchestration to really shine here. © 2018 Cinemusical Read complete review

David Hurwitz, June 2018

Tingaud’s precise, clear-eyed direction is just what this music needs, and as in his other Naxos productions he has the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra playing with remarkable dedication and pizzazz. © 2018 Read complete review

Records International, June 2018

Fusing together musical styles from various periods and genres enabled Poulenc to construct the largely plot-free narrative of Les Biches, a sequence of captivating dances that explore many themes which were considered taboo at the time. In Les Animaux modèles, he transforms the animals of La Fontaine’s fables into human characters in a patchwork score brimming with color, wit, and self-borrowings. The Sinfonietta is playful and light-hearted. © 2018 Records International

Dan Morgan
MusicWeb International, May 2018

Tingaud makes his rivals seem, the Rag-Mazurka brimming with brio and a real sense of fun; deliciously louche woodwinds, a snappy side drum and a brasspberry or two complete the picture. © 2018 MusicWeb International Read complete review

iClassical, May 2018

In Les Animaux modèles, Poulenc transforms the animals of La Fontaine’s fables into human characters in a patchwork score that in this performance is full of colour and humour. The Sinfonietta, FP 141 that brings the CD to a conclusion is a playful and light-hearted piece that is performed exceptionally well by the Irish forces of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra as indeed are the other two works on this bargain Naxos release.

…The present CD is excellently recorded and as an all Poulenc disc it is pure joy. At bargain price it warrants a place not just in any Poulenc lovers collection but in any comprehensive music library. As such we have no qualms about making this our Bargain Choice for May 2018. © 2018 iClassical Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review Corner, May 2018

Three of Poulenc’s most popular works that have evaded the Naxos catalogue arrive in highly desirable performances from the French conductor, Jean-Luc Tingaud. The first two were originally intended for ballets, their titles coming with the composer’s usual amusing ambiguity as they can be taken in one or more ways. Both enjoyed much success though Les Animaux modeles arrived in 1942 when France was under German occupation. It nevertheless was abundant in the composers brand of catchy and effervescent melodic inspiration, its problem being a lack of performances at the time. Happier times had arrived in 1947 when he composed the four-movement Sinfonietta to a commission from the BBC in London. So the story is told that he reconstructed from memory a string quartet he had recently destroyed, the result sounding just like a ballet score. All three works require a large application of naughty Paris Chic to get to the heart of the music, and they could not wish for a better protagonist than Tingaud, a conductor in direct descent with the great exponents of the early Twentieth century genre, having been a pupil of the great French composer and conductor, Manuel Rosenthal. He certainly has inspired the Irish orchestra who manage to sound more French than most of today’s French orchestras, while Phil Rowlands has obtained a recording that is equally at home in the punchy aspects of Les Animaux modeles or the suave and naughty harmonies of Les Biches. Very highly recommended. © 2018 David’s Review Corner

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