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The Light Music Society, December 2019

There are certainly many smile inducing moments to be had from this release, allied to an advantageous price. © 2019 The Light Music Society

Film Music: The Neglected Art, November 2019

The Bach Mass in D Minor merges with 3 Beatles songs “I. Here, There and Everywhere,” a complex arrangement with the flute, fugue, and melody and harmony by the ensemble. “Yesterday,” reminds one of a melancholy moment with bassoon and solo violin,  and “Hello Goodbye” a very positive reading from both composers.

Breiner has gone to great lengths with his arrangements to make these more than just a rhythm sound to these works. When you listen to these works think of them as something you are hearing for the very first time. If you do, it will enhance your listening pleasure greatly. © 2019 Film Music: The Neglected Art Read complete review

David Denton
David's Review Corner, November 2019

As a sequel to his multi-award winning Beatles Go Baroque, conductor and arranger, Peter Breiner, takes the idea one step further with his second edition. Now, with considerable ingenuity, he intertwines original Beatles melodies with unchanged moments from two great composers of the Baroque era, retaining the ‘classical’ three movement format for Bach’s First Concertos for the violin and the keyboard. But does this work in the same way as the original Beatles Go Baroque? Well, that will be a personal response, and a lot of the proverbial water has flowed under the bridge in the twenty-seven years since that first disc has released, and the adoration that my generation had for the Beatles is a distant memory. So let’s start from ‘square one’ and simply enjoy the disc as rather quirky light music that is immaculately played by a multi-national chamber orchestra. It is certainly a ‘guess that tune’ disc, as we unravel Beatles from Bach and Vivaldi. Playing a major role throughout, and particularly in Bach’s Violin Concerto and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, is the internationally acclaimed Slovak violinist, Dalibor Karvey. Breiner’s direction keeps the music bouncing along, while managing to retain respect for the original composer. But it was when, very briefly, the three genuine Beatles creations eventually appear that I most enjoyed the disc. The recording made in Slovakia is clinically clear, sharply focused and detailed© 2019 David’s Review Corner

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