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Laurie Niles, October 2019

During the mid-19th Century there was a debate as to who would in effect be the next Paganini. This album includes works by one of the major contenders—Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst—as well as Edson Scheid’s own arrangement of Mozart’s Rondo from Duo in G Major for violin and viola, KV 423. “This album presents some amazing virtuoso violin music by Ernst and it is the first recording ever of this repertoire on gut strings,” Scheid said. “It has been an incredible journey to explore what it means to play this music on a period violin.” © 2019

Dave Saemann
Fanfare, January 2017

Rather than a Perlman-type performance remaining the aspiration of violinists, Scheid’s CD should give all violinists, including those on the modern instrument, much food for thought. Scheid also has performed the cycle on the modern violin; it would be interesting to know how much he adapted his performance practice on that instrument to the lessons learned from playing the Baroque violin. …Kaler’s performances are much warmer and more terraced in their effects than Perlman’s, although hearing Scheid’s alongside them is a little like cleaning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Did Michelangelo really want us to see, and Paganini really want us to hear, things this way? I come down strongly on Scheid’s side. By the fourth time I sat through his CD, I found Paganini’s music glowing from an inner strength I rarely have experienced. © 2017 Fanfare Read complete review

Jerry Dubins
Fanfare, January 2017

…Scheid may be the first violinist since Paganini himself to perform these hair-raising, hectoring pieces on a Baroque-period violin. Scheid’s choice to perform the Caprices on a mostly Baroque-period instrument is a decision informed by his own research and based on his own aesthetic/artistic vision.

…I have to say that Edson Scheid succeeds in making the Caprices sound less harsh and less unpleasant than anyone else I’ve heard. To what extent that’s owing to his Baroque-period violin, I can’t say. The tone is definitely less strident and less shrill, especially on the highest notes, than it often sounds on a modern instrument. And as for Scheid’s technical execution, it’s as good as it gets, which is to say, it’s not perfect—no one’s is—but unlike the hapless violinist on the cover of Perlman’s album, Scheid makes his way through the garden of evils and emerges unscathed. © 2017 Fanfare Read complete review

Maria Nockin
Fanfare, January 2017

Edson Scheid has toured much of the world playing the Caprices on both modern and Baroque violins. Paganini’s 24 short pieces are among the most treacherous and technically difficult miniature violin pieces ever composed.

Only the cream of virtuosic talent want to play the Caprices. If you like unbridled virtuosity and historically informed playing on a Baroque instrument, you will enjoy Scheid’s performance on this Naxos disc. Naxos’s sound is pristine and I want this disc in my collection. © 2017 Fanfare Read complete review

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