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Lee Passarella
Audiophile Audition, March 2014

…a perky, brightly colored musical travelogue imaginatively assembled and brought to life with fervor by Del Sol String Quartet. Excellent audio… © 2014 Audiophile Audition Read complete review

Brian Reinhart
MusicWeb International, June 2013

This disc offers superb sound, truly state-of-the-art, comprehensive and very handy booklet notes and an exceptionally adventurous program. It’s outstanding music, none of it hard to penetrate but none of it cheesy or pandering. All of it is crafted with great skill. The string quartet’s performances grow only more astonishing as the CD goes along. © MusicWeb International Read complete review

Terry Robbins
The WholeNote, June 2013

The playing throughout a varied and often technically challenging program is of a very high standard, and the music is always engaging. Certainly there is much to enjoy here. © 2013 The WholeNote Read complete review

Kara Dahl Russell
The WSCL Blog, May 2013

Featuring all works by modern composers, many living, some of the works are extremely challenging, some folk and jazz inspired, while others are soothing and evocative. If you like to stick your toes into the new musical waters, the currents here won’t carry you too far away from the safety zone. These are the kind of modern works that can attract new, “non-classical” listeners into the world of classical music. © 2013 The WSCL Blog Read complete review

Chris Morgan
Scene Magazine, April 2013

The opening movement, Variations on Walter Von der Vogelweide’s ‘Song of Palestine’, possesses a dignified gravitas that is undeniably alluring. The patient, passionate performance of the Del Sol String Quartet is also to be commended, on Harrison’s variations certainly, but also on the recording overall. Cellist Kathryn Bates Williams, violist Charlton Lee, and violinists Kate Stenberg and Rick Shinozaki coax wonderful sounds from their instruments. Their interpretation of the work is visceral and heartfelt, yet sacrifices none of the musicianship one would expect from an internationally acclaimed ensemble. Top notch. © 2013 Scene Magazine Read complete review

Joshua Kosman
San Francisco Chronicle, March 2013

With this appealing new disc, the Del Sol String Quartet offers a precis of everything that makes this San Francisco ensemble so valuable: robust, finely blended ensemble playing, rhythmic alertness and a fearless willingness to take on a wide range of contemporary repertoire. The quartet brings grace and fluidity to “Spanish Garland,” José Evangelista’s suite of 12 folk melodies, and finishes with urgent, athletically charged performances of music by Reza Vali and Elena Kats-Chernin. © 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Read complete review

James Manheim, March 2013

A worthwhile exploration of the juncture where the intellectual medium of the string quartet meets the current enthusiasm for world traditions. © 2013 Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, February 2013

The works fit together well, thanks to their emphasis on melodic characteristics and on the Del Sol Quartet’s very direct, no-nonsense interpretations/performances.

It’s a beautiful set, a change of pace for the modernist ear that can still welcome and appreciate new ways of making the music alive again. It is also quite a feather in Del Sol’s cap. They sound marvelous. © 2013 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Ronni Reich, February 2013

Gabriela Lena Frank creatively reimagines Peruvian instruments such as the panpipe in string configuration in “Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout.” She vivaciously illustrates a messenger racing through town with animated melodies grounded by stately, sustained lower voices. The character of a llorona, a woman hired to cry at funerals, is equally distinct, with mournful sliding tones catching dissonantly against drones and harmonics giving the “Dies Irae” chant an otherworldly glint. Iranian composer Reza Vali’s “Nayshâboorák (Calligraphy No. 6)” uses Persian modes that require the players to think in terms of cents, or hundredths of a tone. Lush and balanced in timbre and intrepid…Del Sol is particularly impressive here as tightly knit polyphonic flourishes slacken and reveal the striking unfamiliar tonality in sustained phrases. © 2013 Read complete review

Stephen Smoliar, February 2013

Taken as a whole…Zia offers a geographically extensive and stimulating listening experience… © 2013 Read complete review

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