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Nola Theiss
Sound Commentary, May 2012

This [Candide] is considered one of the greatest satires ever written, filled with irony and humor that even stands up today.

Zadig is much less well known and at first seems very similar to Candide except for its setting in Babylonia. Zadig is more concerned with the concept of destiny and fate. He too travels great distances, first in pursuit of love, than when that fails him, science, then, politics and finally philosophy which he studies with a hermit. In the end, he finds true love with his first love and becomes the king.

Clive Chafer’s reading is superb as he narrates the absurd details very sincerely with a full voiced reading which adds to the irony of the works. Still very relevant today. © 2012 Sound Commentary Read complete review

Glenn Hopp
AudioFile, February 2009

CANDIDE, Voltaire's 1759 novel, resembles in some ways an old Warner Bros. cartoon—in its frantic pace and zest, its wit and sarcasm, its target audience of adults, and its characters' inability to be killed by the most ghastly violence. When Dr. Pangloss proudly recounts the pedigree of the syphilis that rots him away (he traces the virus back to Columbus's sailors), Neville Jason slurps his syllables in a wonderfully cartoony way. On the whole, Jason performs this classic with the required straight face (or voice), which conforms to Voltaire's aim of using the wide-eyed, naïve Candide and the matter-of-fact narration to mask a philosophical work about suffering and human evil. ZADIG, Voltaire's 1749 novel of comparable length, lives in the shadow of CANDIDE but is also especially accessible in Jason's reading

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