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Sinfini Music, June 2015

The first disc in Ondine’s new project to record symphonic works by Romanian composer George Enescu has showcased Hannu Lintu as a major new talent in Finnish conducting—and reminded us what compelling and individual sounds Enescu was capable of. © 2015 Sinfini Music

Barry Brenesal
Fanfare, November 2014

…their (Hanna Lintu and the Tampere Philharmonic) new album of [Enescu’s] Third Symphony presents one of the greatest of 20th-century symphonies in a performance that’s far above any of the competition. © 2014 Fanfare

Barry Brenesal
Fanfare, March 2014

The Tampere Philharmonic is always tightly disciplined and plays with a lean, beautiful sound, without any surface richness to detract from Enescu’s textures.

…what Lintu and the Tampere Philharmonic offer here are performances that deserve to be on your Want List. They certainly will be on mine in 2014. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Stephen Estep
American Record Guide, March 2014

I can easily see that if Lintu hadn’t kept things moving (though never rushed), the symphony would sound slack and wandering almost instantly. As it is here, the shifting polyphony and harmonies and sudden gestures serve a coherent purpose; the drive toward a goal and the arguments along the way are all crystal clear. This is a rich, massive work, one fully deserving of a performance as good as this. © 2014 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Michael Cookson
MusicWeb International, January 2014

Throughout Hannu Lintu conducts the Tampere Phil with real penetration and his obvious advocacy for the music strongly held my attention. Lintu’s interpretation ensures the emotional impact of the writing comes over with telling effect.

This admirable release has the advantage of commanding sonics from the Ondine engineers—a full rich sound with an excellent balance. © MusicWeb International Read complete review

Gramophone, January 2014

What I especially appreciate about this production is the clarity, a crucial virtue in music that can summon some pretty crowded climaxes…fine-tipped detail afforded to Lintu and his Tempere players. If pressed to choose, they would mark my first port of call. © 2014 Gramophone

Gramophone, January 2014

Bridge’s Lament attests to an acute ear that enabled him to draw a kaleidoscope of sonorities from two violas, and Carpenter’s blend of mellowness and deftness is colourfully applied to Robert Mann’s occasionally Bartókian Dreamtime. © 2014 Gramophone

Film Music: The Neglected Art, December 2013

This is a recording not to be missed on all aspects of evaluation. Lintu and the Tampere Philharmonic are in top form playing like they know the material well. The Ondine recording team has captured the delicacy and nuances of the recording making this an easy on the ears listening experience.

This is a CD or digital file that is a worthy addition to your collection and is the second in a series of Enescu recordings by Ondine. © 2013 Film Music: A Neglected Art Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, November 2013

This [album] brings us to an Enescu we (or rather I) knew little about…Both works have much to offer the attentive listener.

Hannu Lintu…conducts the Tampere Philharmonic with excellent results for both works. Anyone with an interest in Romanian/Eastern European symphonists should not miss it. But it will sound well no matter what your background, I should think. This is a side of Enescu that should not be missed. © 2013 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review, November 2013

ENESCU, G.: Symphony No. 2 / Chamber Symphony in E Major, Op. 33 (Lintu) ODE1196-2
ENESCU, G.: Symphony No. 3 / Concert Overture on popular Romanian themes (Tampere Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Lintu) ODE1197-2

None of the works here, the Chamber Symphony, Second or Third Symphony or Ouverture de Concert sur des Thèmes dans le Caractère Populaire Roumain, is heard often in concert halls or on recordings. But all should be…The Tampere Philharmonic plays Enescu’s music sensitively and with considerable involvement under Hannu Lintu…Enescu’s handling of the orchestra is entirely different, however, and the Third Symphony provides color, solemnity and grand scale throughout. The Second Symphony is also highly impressive…it is thematically interesting and formally very well crafted. Here Enescu shows great ability in handling sparser instrumentation and a more-streamlined approach to symphonic form… © 2013 Read complete review

David Hurwitz, November 2013

…extremely virtuosic and difficult to play but great fun to hear…

Hannu Lintu takes a bit more time over the score than does Andreescu, but he secures very impressive playing from the Tampere Philharmonic, and he’s extremely well recorded. In his hands Enescu’s debt to Tchaikovsky’s Pathéthique symphony in the second-movement march becomes especially evident, while the balance between orchestra and voices in the finale is extremely well judged and atmospheric, a tribute also to Ondine’s engineers. Make no mistake, this is a major work and essential listening for any fan of super-opulent, early 20th-century orchestral blockbusters. © Read complete review

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