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Chris Morgan
Scene Magazine, March 2015

Cello lovers will find a lot of music to enjoy on this recently released Ondine collection of cello concertos by Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. Recorded and engineered with top-of-the-line techniques and equipment, the sound here is a warm blanket of sonic delight. The two concertos—performed by Norwegian cellist Truls Mørk—show the soloist to be a player in top form, and with the support of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, his renditions of Concerto no. 1 in E flat major and Concerto no. 2 in G minor are electrifying. Definitive. © 2015 Scene Magazine

Greg Keane
Limelight, February 2015

Mørk has covered these works before but I doubt whether those recordings could top these. The Oslo Philharmonic’s accompaniment certainly reinforces Petrenko’s reputation as one of the great Shostakovich conductors of our age. Mørk also distinguishes himself throughout, conveying the gruesome parade of fear, anxiety, despair, grotesquerie and sheer bafflement.

…a stunning account of both works. © 2015 Limelight Magazine Read complete review

Arthur Lintgen
Fanfare, November 2014

The Truls Mørk/Vasily Petrenko performances of the two Shostakovich cello concertos nearly match Mstislav Rostropovich in intensity, with audiophile sound. © 2014 Fanfare

Raymond Tuttle
Fanfare, November 2014

Mørk (and Petrenko) put forward a measure of showmanship, without cheapening the music or making it emotionally obvious…there are some stunning moments in these readings. Perhaps what makes this recording work so well for me, ultimately, is not just the playing, but also the engineering, whose immediacy and detail are stunning, and whose precision sets the musicians’ work in the highest relief. …the musicianship is so clear and present that it almost grabs you by the throat. So let’s call this disc a triumph shared by Mørk, Petrenko, the Oslo Philharmonic, Ondine’s engineering team, and, last but not least, Shostakovich himself. This is a must. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Remy Franck
Pizzicato, September 2014

Almost twenty years after his recording with Mariss Jansons, Truls Mørk comes back to both of the Shostakovich concertos, with more power, more supremacy and more deepness. Emotionally, these recordings are among the most intense, with heartbreaking slow movements and breathtaking climaxes. © 2014 Pizzicato

Donald R. Vroon
American Record Guide, September 2014

This is wonderful sound. The cello is so rich, the strings so full. Every detail is clear… © 2014 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

Phillip Scott
Fanfare, September 2014

…[Mørk’s] interpretation does not seem to have changed substantially over 18 years…[and] the current recording brings greater immediacy. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Jerry Dubins
Fanfare, September 2014

…Petrenko is…[an] idiomatic Shostakovich conductor, bringing out the strutting, self-important, barking commissar in the First Concerto’s opening Allegretto and the kitschy vulgarity of the Second Concerto’s first Allegretto.

…you won’t go wrong with these very fine performances by Truls Mørk with Vasily Petrenko and the Oslo Philharmonic. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Arthur Lintgen
Fanfare, September 2014

…this recording is clearly preferable in view of the powerful performances and near audiophile level sound. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is potential Want List material. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

BBC Music Magazine, July 2014

Mork extracts greater pathos from the simple folk melody of the Moderato [Cello Concerto No. 1] than before, and Vasily Petrenko draws out a wealth of fascinating detail from the orchestral accompaniment. Such an outstanding reading maks this an obvious front runner in a highly competitive field. © 2014 BBC Music Magazine

David Hurwitz, June 2014

It seems that reviewing music naturally gives rise to cooking (and specifically barbecue) analogies, at least when the performances demand superlatives: smoking, searing, scorching, flaming, fiery, and the like. Well, choose your adjective, because this disc is all of these.

Truls Mørk comes to the music firing on all cylinders—to use an auto racing analogy this time—and in Vasily Petrenko he has an ideal partner, as anyone familiar with that conductor’s Naxos Shostakovich cycle can attest. © 2014 Read complete review

Janet Banks
The Strad, June 2014

Truls Mørk’s intelligent artistry and Vasily Petrenko’s vibrant conducting combine in a fine new recording of Shostakovich’s two great cello concertos, both written for Rostropovich. © 2014 The Strad Read complete review

Bruce Surtees
The WholeNote, June 2014

This…version enjoys remarkable solo playing wrapped in beautiful and warm sound. Under Petrenko…Mørk has precise and crisp orchestral support including excellent contributions from the solo winds. In addition, the wide-range recorded sound is superb, well balanced and transparent. © 2014 The WholeNote Read complete review

David Fanning
Gramophone, June 2014

Truls Mørk signs in at the opening of Shostakovich’s First Concerto with a fine combination of swiftness and grit, helped by a recorded balance that places him well to the fore. Both his playing and his interpretation are of a quality that immediately demands comparison with the finest on disc…

He and Petrenko certainly find the combination of weight and impetus that is de rigueur in these pieces. The Oslo Philharmonic’s contributions are outstanding, with top-class horn obbligatos in the first concerto. © 2014 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone, May 2014

Mørk certainly has the necessary technique and emotional sensitivity to make these large, complex works comprehensible and emotionally trenchant; Petrenko, for his part, has a visceral understanding of this music as well as tremendous sensitivity to its nuances…these works transcend any individual soloist and speak to and through other first-rate performers with a different and equally compelling voice. Mørk and Petrenko make them their own, and the result is highly satisfying even for dyed-in-the-wool admirers of Rostropovich’s versions. © 2014 Read complete review

International Record Review, May 2014

The sheet strength of Mork’s musical character sustains the listener…The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra is magnificent. Those collecting Vasily Petrenko’s symphony cycle on Naxos will not be surprised at his mastery of Shostakovich’s orchestral colour, sometimes rich and sonorous, at other times distressingly bleak…a highly desirable package. © 2014 International Record Review

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