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Raymond Tuttle
Fanfare, September 2014

…Rättyä’s playing breathes in and breathes out, and that quality serves to humanize these innovative readings…Sonata, K 12, is played with appropriate dash, but Rättyä never lets his technical abilities overshadow his musicality. © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Tom Huizenga
National Public Radio, August 2014

Scarlatti’s sonatas are sturdy enough to withstand a variety of transformations. You might be surprised to discover how vital they sound here on the accordion—especially the massive classical instrument of Finnish soloist Janne Rättyä, which sports nearly 300 buttons. All the better for playing flashy music in which two voices entwine and chase each other in accelerating scales and broken arpeggios. © 2014 National Public Radio Read complete review

Jed Distler
Gramophone, June 2014

Unlike pianos or harpsichords, accordions are able to make crescendos and diminuendos on a single note or chord. The trick is to deploy this advantage tastefully. When accordionist Jänne Rattya does so, he manages to breathe refreshing new life and character into the Kk203 E minor’s short trills and the Kk13 G major’s clipped phrases and short repeated-note phrases. He uses dynamic swells to help clarify counterpoint and propel long melodies over the bar-lines in the Kk19 F minor…Rattya’s sophisticated mastery and total control over his instrument’s keys, buttons and bellows will surely give mere mortal accordionists pause. © 2014 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone

David Hurwitz, May 2014

Finnish accordion virtuoso Janne Rättyä has chosen a program of sixteen sonatas that he plays with an astonishing display of digital dexterity.

The truth is that Rättyä does some amazing things from a purely mechanical point of view…give Rättyä credit for taking this project completely seriously and doing everything that he can with the limited resources that he’s stuck with. The sonics are terrific. © 2014 Read complete review

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