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James H. North
Fanfare, November 2014

the technical execution is superb, and the recorded sound is glorious… © 2014 Fanfare Read complete review

Jack Sullivan
American Record Guide, November 2014

The Finnish Radio Symphony…play well, with terrific élan, and Hannu Lintu brings a real sense of adventure and fun to the work. Thanks to the crystalline recording, you can really hear the looping ondes Martinot and cascading piano, which are important parts of the work’s surreal textures. Indeed, clarity and whimsy are what distinguish this recording. © 2014 American Record Guide Read complete review on American Record Guide

David Hurwitz, October 2014

…this is a wholly committed performance, extremely well played, and brilliantly engineered in SACD surround sound… © 2014 Read complete review

Andy Fawcett
Audiophilia, September 2014

The committed performance, swinging between vast and intimate, animates the epic quality at the work’s heart, while the sound quality of this Surround Sound SACD is utterly superb. Hugely dynamic and spacious, with a focus, clarity and impeccable balance that lays bare the complex orchestration, it is of absolute reference quality—and a worthy winner of a “Star Recording” accolade, which I shall award only rarely. © 2014 Audiophilia Read complete review

Janos Gardonyi
The WholeNote, September 2014

Hewitt conjures up marvellous sounds with the extended bird–calls in the sixth movement; this is certainly an apex of the composition, where one simply melts into the heavenly harmonies back and forth between Lintu’s virtuoso orchestra and the pianist.

For extra orchestral brilliance Messiaen added a curious electronic instrument, called ondes Martinot, with shivers of glissandos glistening in the love music and some weird barking shouts of joy amidst the overwhelming jollity and magnificent cacophony of the finale, a triumphant movement of total mayhem that somehow reminded me of Strauss’ Symphonia Domestica. This is a gorgeous disc, in the four–star category. © 2014 The WholeNote Read complete review

Philip Clark
Gramophone, September 2014

Lintu and recording producer Laura Heikinheimo opt for a more lifelike sound environment…Lintu’s awareness of internal balance is masterly. The machine-like tutti that follows the first movement piano cadenza marches relentlessly forwards, strings crooning high above the extreme bump and grind of wind and percussion; in the genteel sixth movement Lintu makes Messiaen’s competing layers dance sensually around each other.

When Messiaen pulls his various strands together in the eighth movement…Lintu prefers to lock the music into the continuous present…Angela Hewitt is…strait-laced and polite—here Lintu is the dominant personality. © 2014 Gramophone Read complete review on Gramophone

Phil Kline
WQXR (New York), August 2014

You really should experience the zany love machine that is the Turangalîla in a concert hall, where it can surround, embrace, tickle, and lift you out of your seat. Barring that rare possibility, though, you may want to listen to this recording with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu. The sonics are great…try the roof-raising final movement at the loudest possible volume. © 2014 WQXR (New York) Read complete review

Steven Ritter
Audiophile Audition, August 2014

An amazingly exalted listening experience.

…now we have a reading as exultant…and offered in stunning surround sound that has richness and tonal opulence just about as impressive as any orchestral recording I have heard. The dynamic range is formidable, and the sheer energy of the sound strikes you in such a palpable manner that you wonder if a concert hall experience could be much better.

Hannu Lintu steers his forces with conviction and unmatched authority. This is a keeper! © 2014 Audiophile Audition Read complete review

Brian Wilson
MusicWeb International, August 2014

Heard on its own the new Ondine recording conveys the attractions of this fascinating music. If you heard it in a concert or on a broadcast you would probably be delighted. Try playing the knock-out final section to anyone not yet a fan of Messiaen and they will find it hard to resist.

…if you prefer the clarity of sound from the SACD layers, this could be the version for you. © 2014 MusicWeb International Read complete review

Joshua Kosman
San Francisco Chronicle, July 2014

Lintu’s approach is notably crisp and clear-eyed, which means that Messiaen’s rhythms and orchestral textures come through with deft precision…Pianist Angela Hewitt splashes her way vividly through the solo piano part, and the spacey electronic swoops and warbles of the ondes Martenot are well entrusted to Valérie Hartmann-Claverie. © 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Read complete review

Jeff Simon
The Buffalo News, June 2014

…Yvonne Loriod…performed by Angela Hewitt, is very special indeed. She is remarkable here. Always incredible music and one of the great musical adventures of its time—very well played… © 2014 The Buffalo News Read complete review

Grego Applegate Edwards
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, June 2014

Lintu, the Finnish Orchestra and the production team at Ondine get all in focus for the recording and the results are magnificent, stunning.

Perhaps even more importantly this is the most exciting recording of the symphony I’ve heard, by far. Angela Hewitt plays the often fiendishly difficult piano part in a manner I can only call spectacular. Ms. Hartmann-Claverie excels in her ondes Martenot reading as well. And the Finnish Orchestra under Lintu give us a magnificent reading, savage and tender, mysterious and almost ribaldly colloquial, sometimes all at once.

Hannu Lintu and the forces give it to us without hesitation, with a sure sense of time and nuance. Moreover the recording is not only ultra-balanced, it is state-of-the-art!

Needless to say this one is strongly recommended. A more committed and true-to-life recording of the Turangalila you will not find, in my opinion. The Turangalila is landmark Messiaen and Lintu gives us a landmark performance! Indispensible! © 2014 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review Read complete review

Blair Sanderson, June 2014

This performance by Hannu Lintu and the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, featuring Angela Hewitt on piano and Valérie Hartmann-Claverie on ondes Martenot, is an excellent presentation, full of vibrant sonorities and vigorous playing, all captured in Ondine’s spacious multichannel recording. …Lintu draws out the most sharply defined sounds, and pays special attention to Messiaen’s lush string and wind textures and sharply accented percussion. Highly recommended to newcomers and Messiaen aficionados alike. © 2014 Read complete review

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