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Early Music Collection

This collection focuses on music from the early Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Enjoy our albums and listen to early music from Italy, France, Flanders, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Finland, England, among others, performed by outstanding ensembles and soloists playing on authentic or modern instruments.

Title Catalogue No.
ADORATE DEUM (Nova Schola Gregoriana, Turco) 8.550711
AGRICOLA, A.: Fortuna desperata - Secular Music of the 15th Century(Ensemble Unicorn) 8.553840
A-la-mi-re Manuscripts (The): Flemish Polyphonic Treasures (Capilla Flamenca, Denecker) 8.554744
ALFONSO X: Cantigas de Santa Maria 8.553133
All the Queen's Men - Music for Elizabeth I (Sarum Consort, Mackay) 8.572582
Ambrosian Chant 8.553502
Anima mea - Sacred Music of the Middle Ages (Ensemble Cosmedin) 8.572632
ANIMOSO MIO DESIRE - 16th-Century Italian Keyboard Favourites (Wilson) 8.572983
ARGENTUM ET AURUM (Ensemble Leones, Lewon) 8.573346
ARIOSTI: 6 Cantatas / LOCATELLI: Trio Sonata in E Minor / VIVALDI: Trio Sonata in D Major 8.557573
At the Sign of the Crumhorn: Flemish Songs and Dance Music 8.554425
ATTAINGNANT, P.: Harpsichord Works (G. Wilson) 8.572999
BANCHIERI: Il Zabaione Musicale 8.553785
BENEVOLO: Missa Azzolina / Magnificat / Dixit Dominus 8.553636
Berlin Gamba Book (The) (Berger) 8.573392-93
Black Madonna (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.554256
BYRD / TALLIS: Masses 8.553239
BYRD, W.: Fantasias for Harpsichord (Complete) (G. Wilson) 8.572433
BYRD: Consort and Keyboard Music / Songs and Anthems 8.550604
BYRD: Masses for Four and Five Voices 8.550574
CABEZON, A. de / CABEZON, H. de / CABEZON, J. de: Glosas (Wilson) 8.572477
CABEZON, A. de: Tientos and Variations (Complete) (Wilson) 8.572475-76
CABEZON: Tientos y Glosados 8.554836
CAMPION, T.: Lute Songs (Rickards, Linell) 8.553380
Cancionero Musical de Palacio: Music of the Spanish Court 8.553536
CARISSIMI, G.: Historia di Jephte / Historia di Ionas (Consortium Carissimi, Zanon) 8.557390
CARISSIMI, G.: Mass for 3 Voices / Motets (Consortium Carissimi, Zanon) 8.555075
CARISSIMI, G.: Motets - Audivi vocem / Christus factus est / Usquequo peccatores (Consortium Carissimi, Comeaux) 8.573258
CARISSIMI, G.: Motets - Quasi aquila / In te, Domine, speravi / Qui est hic vir (Consortium Carissimi, Zanon) 8.555076
CARMINA BURANA (Ensemble Unicorn, Oni Wytars Ensemble) 8.554837
CAVALIERI: Rappresentatione di Anima e di Corpo 8.554096-97
CAVAZZONI, M.A.: Works (Complete) / Italian Ricercars (G. Wilson) 8.572998
Chamber Music (Baroque) - COUPERIN, F. / HOTTETERRE, J.-M. / LULLY, J.-B. / MARAIS, M. / MONTÉCLAIR, M.P. de (Inner Chambers) (Les Ordinaires) 8.573814
CHARPENTIER, M.-A.: Noels and Christmas Motets, Vol. 1 (Aradia Ensemble, Mallon) 8.554514
CHARPENTIER, M.-A.: Sacred Music, Vol. 4 (Le Concert Spirituel. Niquet) - Motets / Litanies a la Vierge 8.554453
Chominciamento di gioia: Virtuoso Dance Music (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.553131
Choral Music - English Madrigals and Songs from Henry VIII to the 20th Century (Oxford Camerata, Summerly) 8.553088
Codex Faenza: Instrumental Music of the Early 15th Century (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.553618
COUPERIN, F.: Nations (Les) (Juilliard Baroque) 8.573347-48
DALL'AQUILA / da CREMA: Ricercars / Intabulations / Dances 8.550778
DOWLAND: Consort Music and Songs 8.553326
DOWLAND: Flow My Tears and Other Lute Songs 8.553381
DUFAY, G.: Chansons (Ensemble Unicorn, Posch) 8.553458
DUFAY: Missa L' homme arme 8.553087
Early Music (The Glory of) 8.554064
Early Venetian Lute Music 8.553694
Elizabethan Songs and Consort Music (C. King, Rose Consort of Viols) 8.554284
ENDECHAR - Lament for Spain (Sephardic Romances and Songs) (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572443
Flute Concertos (Baroque) - LECLAIR, J.-M. / PERGOLESI, G.B. / TELEMANN, G.P. (The Grand Mogul) (B. Kuijken, Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra) 8.573899
French Chansons 8.550880
FRESCOBALDI: Fantasie, Book 1 / Ricercari / Canzoni Francesi 8.553547-48
FROBERGER, J.J.: 23 Suites / Tombeau / Lamentation (G. Wilson) 8.573493-94
FROTTOLE - Popular Songs of Renaissance Italy (Ring Around Quartet and Consort) 8.573320
GABRIELI, A.: Keyboard Music (Wilson) - Ricercari / Toccate / Canzoni 8.572198
GABRIELI, G.: Music for Brass, Vol. 2 (London Symphony Brass, Crees) 8.553873
GABRIELI: Music for Brass, Vol. 1 8.553609
GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Book 1 (Madrigali libro primo, 1594) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.570548
GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Book 2 (Madrigali libro secondo, 1594) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.570549
GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Book 3 (Madrigali libro terzo, 1595) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.572136
GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Book 4 (Madrigali libro quarto, 1596) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.572137
GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Books 5 and 6 (Madrigali libro quinto e sesto, 1611) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.573147-49
GESUALDO: Sacred Music for Five Voices (Complete) 8.550742
GIBBONS: Choral and Organ Music 8.553130
GIBBONS: Consort and Keyboard Music / Songs and Anthems 8.550603
GLOGAUER LIEDERBUCH (Das) (Dulce Melos) 8.572576
GRATIANI, B.: Adae / Filli Prodigi / 5 Motets (Consortium Carissimi, Comeaux) 8.573256
GRATIANI, B.: Cantatas (Consortium Carissimi, Comeaux) 8.573257
Gregorian Chant for Good Friday 8.550952
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 1 (Monar, Vilas) 8.570135
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 2 (Sancho, Ars Atlantica) 8.572876
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 3 (Fernández, Ars Atlantica) 8.573312
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 4 (Hernández, Fernández-Rueda, Fernández, Ars Atlántica, Vilas) 8.573678
GUERRA MANUSCRIPT (The), Vol. 5 (Ars Atlántica, Vilas) 8.574092
HAKENBERGER, A.: 55 Motets from the Pelplin Tablature (Polish Chamber Choir, Musica Fiorita, Łukaszewski) 8.573743-44
HILDEGARD VON BINGEN: Hymns / Sequences / Antiphones / Responds (Oxford Camerata, Summerly) 8.550998
HOLBORNE / ROBINSON: Pavans and Galliards 8.553874
HUME: Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke, Vol. 1 8.554126
HUME: Captain Humes Poeticall Musicke, Vol. 2 8.554127
Introduction to Early Music (An) 8.551203
JENKINS: All in a Garden Green 8.550687
JOHNSON, R.: Lute Music (North) 8.572178
JOHNSON: Lute Music 8.550776
JOSQUIN: Missa L'homme arme / Ave Maria / Absalon, fili mi (Oxford Camerata, Summerly) 8.553428
LA RUE: Mass of the Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin / Missa Pascale 8.554656
LA RUE: Magnificats (Complete) / 3 Salve Reginas 8.557896-97
Lamentations (Oxford Camerata) 8.550572
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 1 8.553318
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 2 8.553319
Lamenti Barocchi, Vol. 3 8.553320
LASSO: Lagrime di San Pietro (Ars Nova, Holten) 8.553311
LASSO: Masses for Five Voices / Infelix ego 8.550842
LAWES, W.: Consort Music for Viols, Lutes and Theorbos (Rose Consort of Viols) 8.550601
LÉONIN / PÉROTIN: Sacred Music from Notre-Dame Cathedral (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts) 8.557340
Let Voices Resound: Songs from Piae Cantiones 8.553578
LOBO, D. / CARDOSO: Portuguese Requiem Masses 8.550682
LOCKE, M.: Broken Consort (The), Part I / Tripla Concordia: Suites in G Major and E Minor (Wayward Sisters) 8.573020
Lute Duo Music (Two Lutes with Grace - Plectrum Lute Duos of the Late 15th Century) (Lewon, Kieffer) 8.573854
MACHAUT, D. de: Messe de Nostre Dame (La) / Le Voir Dit (Oxford Camerata, Summerly) 8.553833
Manchester Gamba Book (The) (Berger) 8.572863-64
Mass of Tournai / St. Luke Passion 8.555861
Medieval Carols 8.550751
MILÁN, L. de / NARVÁEZ, L. de: Music for Vihuela (C. Wilson) 8.553523
MILÁN, L.: El maestro, Libro 1 (Escobar) 8.573305
MILANO: Fantasias, Ricercars and Duets 8.550774
MISSA CONCEPTIO TUA - Medieval and Renaissance Music for Advent (Schola Antiqua of Chicago, M.A. Anderson) 8.573260
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 1 (Il Primo Libro de Madrigali, 1587) and Secular Manuscript Works (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555307
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 2 (Il Secondo Libro de' Madrigali, 1590) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555308
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 3 (Il Terzo Libro de' Madrigali, 1592) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555309
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 4 (Il Quarto Libro de' Madrigali, 1603) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555310
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 5 (Il Quinto Libro de' Madrigali, 1605) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555311
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 6 (Il Sesto Libro de Madrigali, 1614) (Delitiae Musicae, Longhini) 8.555312-13
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 7, "Concerto" (Il Settimo Libro de Madrigali, 1619) 8.555314-16
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 8 (Il Ottavo Libro de Madrigali, 1638) (Delitiæ Musicæ, Longhini) 8.573755-58
MONTEVERDI, C.: Madrigals, Book 9 (Il Nono Libro de Madrigali, 1651) / Scherzi musicali (1632) (Delitiæ Musicæ, Longhini) 8.555318
MONTEVERDI: Ballo Delle Ingrate / Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda 8.553322
MONTEVERDI: Canzonette 8.553316
MONTEVERDI: Orfeo (L') 8.554094-95
MONTEVERDI: Scherzi Musicali a Tre Voci 8.553317
MONTEVERDI: Vespers of the Blessed Virgin 8.550662-63
MUFFAT, Gottlieb: Suites for Harpsichord, Vol. 2 - MC B9, 15, 16 and 43 (Naoko Akutagawa) 8.573275
MUSIC FROM THE ETON CHOIRBOOK (Tonus Peregrinus, Pitts) 8.572840
Music of the Italian Renaissance 8.550615
Music of the Spanish Renaissance 8.550614
MUSIC OF THE TROUBADOURS (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.554257
NEIDHART: Minnesinger and His Vale of Tears (A) - Songs and Interludes (Ensemble Leones) 8.572449
OBRECHT: Missa Caput / Salve Regina 8.553210
OCKEGHEM, J.: Requiem / Missa Prolationum (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.554260
OCKEGHEM: Missa L'homme arme / JOSQUIN: Memor esto verbi tui 8.554297
Oh Flanders Free: Music of the Flemish Renaissance 8.554516
On the Way to Bethlehem: Music of the Medieval Pilgrim (Ensemble Unicorn) 8.553132
Orchestral Music (Baroque) - LULLY, J.-B. / MUFFAT, G. / MARAIS, M. (The Versailles Revolution) (Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, Kuijken) 8.573868
Orchestral Music (Baroque) - LULLY, J.-B. / TELEMANN, G.P. / RAMEAU, J.-P. (The Lully Effect) (Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, Kuijken) 8.573867
PAISIBLE: 6 Setts of Aires 8.555045
PALESTRINA / LASSO: Masses 8.550836
PALESTRINA, G.P. da: Cantica Salomonis (Canticum Canticorum) (Palestrina Ensemble Munich, V. Schubert) 8.573096-97
PALESTRINA, G.P. da: Missa Papae Marcelli (Oxford Camerata, Summerly) 8.550573
PALESTRINA, G.P. da: Missa Sine Nomine / Missa L'Homme Arme / Motets (San Petronio Cappella Musicale Soloists, Vartolo) 8.553314
PALESTRINA: Missa L'homme arme / CAVAZZONI: Ricercari 8.553315
PALESTRINA: Missa Papae Marcelli / ALLEGRI: Miserere 8.553238
Paschale Mysterium: Gregorian Chant for Easter 8.553697
Percival's Lament - Medieval Music and the Holy Grail (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572800
PERTI: Lamentations / Liturgy for Good Friday 8.553321
PHILIPS, P.: Cantiones Sacrae Quinis et Octonibus Vocibus (Antwerp 1612 and 1613) (Sarum Consort, Mackay) 8.572832
PHILIPS: Cantiones Sacrae / Quinis Vocibus 8.555056
Piae Cantiones: Latin Song in Medieval Finland 8.554180
Portuguese Polyphony 8.553310
PRAETORIUS: Dances from Terpsichore 8.553865
Psaumes de la Reforme 8.553025
Renaissance Masterpieces 8.550843
RICHARDSON, F.: Keyboard Works (Complete) (G. Wilson) 8.572997
Royal Songbook: Spanish Music from the Time of Columbus 8.553325
Salve Festa Dies: Gregorian Chant for Seasons of the Year 8.550712
SCHUTZ: Christmas Story / Cantiones Sacrae 8.553514
SCHUTZ: Psalmen Davids 8.553044
Sephardic Romances: Traditional Jewish Music from Spain 8.553617
STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART - The Chansonnier Cordiforme (Ensemble Leones, Lewon) 8.573325
SWEELINCK, J.P.: Harpsichord Works - Fantasia chromatica / Echo fantasia / Toccata / Variations (Wilson) 8.570894
TALLIS: Mass for Four Voices / Motets 8.550576
TOMKINS / GIBBONS / BYRD: Consort and Keyboard Music 8.553241
TOMKINS, T.: Consort Music for Viols and Voices (Rose Consort of Viols) 8.550602
TOMKINS: Choral and Organ Works 8.553794
Tristan's Harp (The) (Arthurian Medieval Music) (Capilla Antigua de Chinchilla, Ferrero) 8.572784
Tugend und Untugend: German Music from the Time of Luther 8.553352
TYE: Missa Euge Bone / MUNDY: Magnificat 8.550937
Under the Greenwood Tree 8.553442
VECCHI: Amfiparnaso (L') 8.553312
VICTORIA / LOBO / LASSO: Masses 8.553240
VICTORIA: Masses 8.550575
Vocal Ensemble Music - SEIZED BY SWEET DESIRE - Singing Nuns and Ladies, From the Cathedral to the Bed Chamber (Musica Ficta, Holten) 8.572265
WEELKES: Anthems 8.553209
WILLAERT: Missa Christus resurgens / Magnificat / Ave Maria 8.553211
World of Early Music 8.554770-71


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