CARLO ALBANESI (1858⁠–⁠1926)




‘What immediately attracted me to Albanesi’s music was his narrative talent, which is particularly evident in his large-scale sonatas.

Lyricism and drama, humour and passion, longing and devotion, agitation and rapturous calm – all these elements blend in Albanesi’s work to form an instrumental novella. Although a virtuoso of distinction himself, he resists the temptation to use virtuosity as an end in itself; rather, he understands music always as a mirror of the soul, a kaleidoscope of moods and images, which he eloquently gives expression to.

For a first hearing of this Italian voice of pianistic romanticism, I suggest the first movement of the B flat minor Sonata and the fourth movement of the D minor Sonata. In the former I am captivated by its passionate and yearning colouring, in the latter by the dynamic alternation between excitement and contemplation, restlessness and resolution...’ – Julia Severus

Julia Severus introduces Carlo Albanesi and performs Sonata No. 4