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Antonio Sacchini. L’abbandono delle ricchezze di S. Filippo Neri.

‘When asked to prepare a performance of one of Antonio Sacchini’s oratorios, I first associated his name with the so-called Neapolitan School. It was only after lengthy and rather adventurous research, supported by Giovanni Michelini, that I found a version of this work corresponding to a libretto in Bologna. When finally performing it, the work's fascinating music was revealed. Stylistically it lies between Antonio Vivaldi and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and immediately filled the audience with spontaneous enthusiasm for the piece.’

Franz Hauk, conductor

World Premiere Recording

Antonio SACCHINI (1730–1786)
L’abbandono delle ricchezze di S. Filippo Neri
(‘Saint Philip Neri’s Renunciation of All Worldly Wealth’)

Yeree Suh, Ketevan Chuntishvili, Sopranos
Markus Schäfer, Tenor • Daniel Ochoa, Bass
Giovanni Michelini, Harpsichord and Organ
Concerto de Bassus • Franz Hauk

Antonio Sacchini’s renowned melodic gifts and facility as a composer were developed amid the flourishing Neapolitan school of opera but, outgrowing the Italian tradition, he later found inspiration working in London and Paris. The oratorio L’abbandono delle ricchezze di S. Filippo Neri narrates the spiritual trials of St Philip Neri as he is hounded by the personifications of Splendour and Deception on his journey, assisted and defended by Poverty, towards God and virtue. First performed in 1765, L’abbandono is heard here in its world premiere recording.

Listen to an extract from Part I:
Tanta dolcezza oh Dio!
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