Guarnieri’s Piano Music, Vol. 2

Camargo Guarnieri's impact on the musical life of Brazil, as a composer, teacher, and conductor, cannot be overestimated. This second volume of his piano works is again performed by Max Barros, whose programme for Vol. 1 (8.572626-27) included Guarnieri's Ponteios, Suite Mirim and the Piano Sonata:

‘Barros is just right for this music: deeply versed in Guarnieri’s idiom, he plays with confident brio and sensitivity and far overshadows other recordings I’ve heard of Guarnieri’s piano pieces. The sound is excellent. Anyone interested in 20th-century Latin American piano music will want this release.’

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All the musical genres included in Volume 2 belong to the broader category of the ‘character piece’, a type of composition (mostly for piano solo) that flourished during the Romantic period and became very common in the musical salons of the time.


Considered the most important Brazilian composer next to Villa-Lobos, Camargo Guarnieri and his impact on the musical life of his country is inestimable, with a body of piano music that represents the composer’s most distinctive stylistic features. Guarnieri was a consummate improviser and many of his piano works reflect a sense of ease and intimacy, giving the impression that they were composed in a flash of instantaneous inspiration. This is particularly true of the ‘character pieces’ in this volume, from the autobiographical Improvisos and Momentos, to the intimate nostalgia of the Valsas. Volume 1 of this edition can be heard on Naxos 8.572626-27.

Listen to Valsa No. 5
About the Artist
Born in California and raised in Brazil, Max Barros' recordings for Naxos include the complete piano concertos of Camargo Guarnieri, which received the Diapason d’or Discovery Award. Barros has toured South America with Virtuosi di Praga and has been a guest artist with the American, Enso, Biava and Escher string quartets, Quartetto di Venezia and St. Luke’s Chamber Ensemble. He is the vice-president and artistic director of the Brazilian Music Foundation in New York.
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Barros • Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
‘… the Warsaw Philharmonic ... respond with gusto and evident enjoyment to all three works, expertly directed by Thomas Conlin. Max Barros – brought up in Brazil – sounds completely comfortable and confident in the solo parts.’
Piano Concertos Nos. 4, 5 and 6
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American Record Guide
Choros, Vol. 1

Kopylova • Silvério • Nascimento • Graton
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Choros, Vol. 2
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Buosi • Schaefer • Pinto • Kopylova
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Limelight ★★★★★

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