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Discover Chamber Music (Ebook)

Discover Chamber Music (Ebook)

  • 13-digit ISBN: 978-1-84379-299-4
  • Barcode: 9781843792994
  • Approximate length: 20,000 words
  • Formats: iPad/iPhone (enhanced), Kindle, Nook, Kobo

Chamber music is the most intimate, and arguably the most joyful and sociable, form of music-making in the world. It may also be the oldest, and its scope is all-embracing, ranging from infectious light entertainment to profound explorations of the human spirit, from boisterous humour to the outer reaches of intellectual adventure, and in time from pre-history to the present. More than any other, it is the music of community—organised, spontaneous, bonding and liberating. This survey, containing surprises for newcomer and connoisseur alike, explores the nature and development of the genre in its social and historical context, through a rich and entertaining tapestry of text.

About the Author

Jeremy Siepmann is an internationally acclaimed writer, musician, teacher and broadcaster. He has contributed articles, reviews and interviews to numerous journals and reference works (including The New Statesman, Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine). His previous books include a widely acclaimed biography of Chopin, two volumes on the history and literature of the piano, and biographies of Brahms, Mozart and Beethoven.