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Discover Early Music (Book)

Discover Early Music (Book)

  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-84379-233-8
  • Publication date: October 2007
  • Free access to accompanying website with hours of extra music

The Middle Ages began with the collapse of the Roman world. This left a military and political system in ruins – but a cultural world-view largely intact. Artistically rich and varied in themselves, the medieval centuries also sparked both the artistic Renaissance and the religious Reformation that followed. Rich – but musically lost? Buildings and statues endure, but how can we ever really know about early music and what the Medieval and Renaissance world sounded like? From the evidence that remains, modern performers have embarked on the great adventure of rediscovering, recreating and reinventing some of the earliest surviving music of Europe – with prolific and fascinating results. Discover just some of them through this book and accompanying website.

About the Author

Lucien Jenkins is the author of Laying out the Body (poems from Seren Books), Romanticism in Focus and Modernism in Focus (Rhinegold), and co-author of the Classical Music Encyclopedia (Collins). His editions of The Necromancer by Peter Teuthold and The Midnight Bell by Francis Lathom (two of the gothic novels cited in Austen’s Northanger Abbey) were welcomed by The Year’s Work in English Studies.

He studied for his BA at Cambridge University, and for his MA and PhD at London University. He has taught for Ruskin College, Oxford, the Open University and Bristol University’s lifelong learning department, and has worked as a reviewer, critic and journalist for history, literature, dance, music and the visual arts. He is the former editor of Music Teacher, and the founder of Early Music Today, Classroom Music and Teaching Drama.