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2013 Grammy Nominees Announced

December 09, 2013


On 6 December 2013, artists, engineers and composers from the Naxos distribution family were honoured with 7 GRAMMY nominations for recordings across four labels—Naxos, Dacapo, Dorian Sono Luminus and Ondine. The nominations are included in the categories of Best Choral Performance, Best Classical Instrumental Solo, Best Classical Compendium, Best Contemporary Classical Composition and Best Surround Sound Album.

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be announced on 26 January 2014. Congratulations to the nominees and everyone involved!

Click here for the complete list of nominees

Best Choral Performance
Naxos 8.573070
A. Zukerman • Westminster Williamson Voices • Lincoln Trio • Chandra • J. Jordan
Best Classical Instrumental Solo
Naxos 8.559757
Glennie • Plitmann • Albany Symphony • Miller

Dacapo 8.226076
Bronfman • New York Philharmonic • A. Gilbert
Best Classical Compendium
Ondine ODE1214-2
Midori • North German Radio Symphony • Eschenbach

Dacapo 6.220599
Heide • Tomter • Norrkoping Symphony • Slobodeniouk
Best Contemporary Classical Composition
Dacapo 8.226076
Bronfman • New York Philharmonic • A. Gilbert
Best Surround Sound Album