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Chloë Hanslip Master Class with Maxim Vengerov

March 04, 2009


For a real treat, watch an exceptional master class run by Maxim Vengerov that includes the acclaimed British violinist Chloë Hanslip, who was only 11-year-old at the time, on YouTube:

Since that time, Chloë Hanslip has gained an international reputation as one of today’s most exciting young violinists. Her Naxos recordings have consistently attracted high praise from critics.


‘This might be one of Naxos’ best recordings ever. Young British violinist Chloe Hanslip is outstanding on this fascinating solo portrait CD, taking us through a range of eclectic and recent works.’ – Limelight

‘This is a lovely disc which adds valuably to the Naxos American Classics marque. More from Chloë Hanslip please.’ – MusicWeb International


‘Hanslip certainly has the confidence and technique for this repertoire: more importantly, she’s able to engage with each piece, bringing out its expressive character. For the Romance in Op 44, for instance, she produces a soft, sensuous tone, quite different from her sound in the plaintive, ornate Nocturne from Op 41. Caspar Frantz accompanies very stylishly throughout, and Hanslip’s musical personality, graceful and with spontaneous verve, brings everything to life. It’s lovely violin playing!’ – Gramophone


‘Hanslip plays each melodic statement as if she were playing Massenet’s Meditation from Thaïs or a gossamer moment from Saint-Saëns. More militant derring-do from Godard and Hanslip for the finale, quite passionate, as marked, and bristling with double-stops and “perpetual,” breathless filigree calculated to raise our musical eyebrows in awe and admiration.’ – Audiophile Audition

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