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Dario Salvi acknowledged for rediscovery of rare ballet music

October 01, 2023

Dario Salvi
Dario Salvi
Photo: V Balevska

Dario Salvi, the Scottish-Italian conductor, musicologist and researcher who specialises in the restoration and performance of rare works, was recently awarded the “Riccardo Drigo” Music for Ballet Prize. The award was presented at the International Festival in Padua, Italy in September. The accolade recognises composers, musicians and conductors who have contributed significantly to the world of music for dance. Previous recipients have included renowned conductor Richard Bonynge.


ADAM, A.: Orfa [Ballet] (Sofia Philharmonic, Salvi)
ADAM, A.: Orfa [Ballet]

‘Dario Salvi’s power is through his baton, extracting ample amounts of musical desirability to cleanly encapsulate Orfa’s beauty through the bowstrings of concertmaster Kalina Hristova.’ ★★★★

MEYERBEER, G.: Overtures / Stage Music - Der Fischer und das Milchmädchen / Wirt und Gast (Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Salvi)
MEYERBEER, G.: Overtures • Stage Music

‘Maestro and musicologist Salvi conducts with obvious enthusiasm for Meyerbeer. Overtures and Stage Music is a delightful addition to the Meyerbeer discography.’

HÉROLD, F.: Fille mal gardée (La), Act I: Clog Dance (Karlovy Vary Symphony, Salvi)
HÉROLD, F.: Fille mal gardée (La), Act I: Clog Dance


Heinrich Marschner developed his own distinctive operatic style that enabled him to become the leading German opera composer between Weber and the rise of Wagner. The works in this second volume of overtures and stage music (Volume 1 is on 8.574449) span much of his composing life, from the early commission for Prinz Friedrich von Homburg, a work that explores ethical philosophy, to the sumptuous and varied excerpts from Austin. The stirring overture from his dramatic cantata Klänge aus Osten reinforces his orchestral mastery and sense of colour.

‘Dario Salvi is an expert at unearthing forgotten theatre music from the 19th Century. And it’s music that deserves a second hearing.’ – Charlottesville Classical ★★★★


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