Podcast: Breathing new life into Orfeo Vecchi's motets for six voices.

March 15, 2024

VECCHI, O.: Motectorum, Book 3 (Six-Voice Motets) (Cappella Musicale Eusebian, Montalenti, Silano)

VECCHI, O.: Motectorum, Book 3 (Six-Voice Motets)
Cappella Musicale Eusebian, Montalenti, Silano

Orfeo Vecchi was held in high regard by his contemporaries for the sacred music he produced towards the end of the 16th century. Raymond Bisha introduces a new recording of the twenty pieces that comprise his third book of Motets for Six Voices. The works form a rich, eclectic programme, and the performances by Cappella Musicale Eusebiana directed by Don Denis Silano elegantly express the pictorial aspects of the texts that Vecchi achieved through subtle dialogue, antiphony and counterpoint.