Podcast: Claudio Santoro: Orchestral Explorations of the 1960s

July 14, 2023

SANTORO, C.: Symphonies (Complete), Vol. 3 – No. 8 / Cello Concerto (D. de Freitas, Marina Martins, Goiás Philharmonic, N. Thomson)

Claudio SANTORO (1919–1989): Symphony No. 8 • Cello Concerto
De Freitas • Martins • Goiás Philharmonic Orchestra • Thomson

Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro (1919–1989) proved a dynamic force for his country’s classical music scene. His life was both intertwined with, and deeply influenced by, the political and social events playing out around him, from the building of the Berlin Wall in Europe to political upheavals in his homeland. Through it all, his compositions reflected a life of distinctive musical exploration.