Podcast: Haydn’s baryton trios. Refined rarities. Perfect performances.

January 12, 2024

Haydn Baryton Trios Vol 2

Joseph Haydn was music director of the Esterházy Court at Eisenstadt for twenty-five years. It was where Prince Nikolaus commissioned him to write trios for the baryton, a bowed, stringed instrument similar to the viol but with extra plucked strings that enabled performers to accompany themselves. Haydn wrote string trios (baryton, viola, cello) of elegance, refinement and poise that encapsulate a rich variety of moods, a selection of which is introduced on this podcast by Raymond Bisha. Seldom performed or recorded, the baryton trios attest to Haydn’s limitless powers of invention in every medium.

Featured releases:
8.574504 HAYDN, J.: Baryton Trios, Hob.XI:6, 35, 67, 71, 93, 113 (Treasures from the Eszterháza Palace, Vol. 2) (Valencia Baryton Project)
8.574188 HAYDN, J.: Baryton Trios, Hob.XI:9, 55, 58, 61, 69, 87 (Treasures from the Eszterháza Palace, Vol. 1) (Valencia Baryton Project)