Steve Reich ‘Phase to Face’ wins “Quarterly Best” award from German Record Critics

June 29, 2011

The Association of German Record Critics has awarded Steve Reich “Phase to Face” with the German Record Critics’ Award. Honored as a Recording of Exceptional Artistry, the documentary about the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, Steve Reich (born 1936), has been selected as one of their Quarterly Best of New releases for the Second Quarter 2011.

This critically acclaimed film by Eric Darmon and Franck Mallet contains excerpts of Steve Reich’s most important works and informal talks with the New York-based composer. Steve Reich “Phase to Face” is released by Idéale Audience and distributed in Germany by Naxos. Congratulations to everyone concerned!

REICH, S.: Phase to Face (NTSC)
Idéale Audience 3058128
REICH, S.: Phase to Face (NTSC)
Steve Reich

STEVE REICH – Phase to Face

A film by Eric Darmon and Franck Mallet

with excerpts from:
It’s Gonna Rain (1965)
Piano Phase (1967)
Pendulum Music (1968)
Clapping Music (1972)
Music for Pieces of Wood (1973)
Music for 18 Musicians (1976)
Tehillim (1981)
Sextet (1985)
Different Trains (1988)
The Cave (1993)
Proverb (1995)
2 x 5 (2009)

- Talks in Tokyo with Steve Reich
- A Brief History of Music by Steve Reich

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