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Virtuoso Violinist Chloë Hanslip Records Forgotten Romantic Concertos

July 04, 2008
Chloë Hanslip
Chloë Hanslip

From June 23 to 24, Chloë Hanslip recorded three violin works by Jenő Hubay with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Mogrelia.

Born in Pest in 1858, Hubay was a virtuoso violinist, teacher and composer. He wrote operas, two symphonies, chamber music and four concertos. Works recorded were Violin Concerto No. 1 “Dramatique”, Op. 21, Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 90 and Suite for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 5.

Chloë Hanslip is one of the most acclaimed musicians of her generation, making her Proms debut aged 15. She has worked with many internationally renowned artists and orchestras. Sessions took place at Lighthouse, Poole, UK, and were produced and engineered by Tim Handley.