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Classical Music Home > VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra (Gobbi, Christoff, los Angeles, Santini) (1957)

VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra (Gobbi, Christoff, los Angeles, Santini) (1957)


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About this Recording

VERDI, G.: Simon Boccanegra (Gobbi, Christoff, los Angeles, Santini) (1957)

Featuring a near-ideal cast, this recording of Verdi’s darkly dramatic Simon Boccanegra drew high praise from The Gramophone: “Gobbi is…a masterly singing actor and here he has one of his greatest rôles, one that deploys his full range as a singing tragedian. Victoria de los Angeles is an inspired choice for the girlish, ardent heroine, and has so much glorious music to sing…[Gabriele Santini] gives a momentous, carefully paced and constantly illuminating reading of the score of one of Verdi’s most powerful treatments of the fatal entanglements between political intrigue and family history”. Last but not least, Christoff gives an unforgettable portrayal of the complex and powerful character of Fiesco.

Disc 1

Verdi, Giuseppe
Piave, Francesco Maria, lyricist(s)

  Simon Boccanegra
1.   Prologue: Allegro moderato 00:01:18
2.   Prologue: Che dicesti (Paolo, Pietro, Simon) 00:04:01
3.   Prologue: All'alba tutti qui verrete (Pietro, Chorus, Paolo) 00:01:56
4.   Prologue: L'altra magion vedere (Paolo, Chorus, Pietro) 00:03:48
5.   Prologue: A te l'estremo addio, palagio altero (Fiesco) 00:02:15
6.   Prologue: Il lacerato spirito (Fiesco, Chorus) 00:04:12
7.   Prologue: Suona ogni labbro il mio nome (Simon, Fiesco) 00:03:58
8.   Prologue: Del mar sul lido fra gente ostile (Simon, Fiesco) 00:02:53
9.   Prologue: Oh de' Fieschi implacata, orrida razza! (Simon, Fiesco, Chorus, Paolo, Pietro) 00:04:18
10.   Act I Scene 1: Lento assai 00:02:54
11.   Act I Scene 1: Come in quest'ora bruna (Amelia) 00:04:15
12.   Act I Scene 1: Cielo di stelle orbato (Gabriele, Amelia) 00:02:06
13.   Act I Scene 1: Vieni a mirar la cerula marina tremolante (Amelia, Gabriele) 00:02:57
14.   Act I Scene 1: Ah!… Che fia! (Amelia, Gabriele, Maidservant, Pietro) 00:01:08
15.   Act I Scene 1: Propizio ei giunge! (Gabriele, Andrea) 00:02:27
16.   Act I Scene 1: Vieni a me, ti benedico (Andrea, Gabriele) 00:02:18
17.   Act I Scene 1: Il Doge vien (Gabriele, Andrea, Simon, Paolo, Amelia) 00:02:09
18.   Act I Scene 1: Dinne, perche in quest'eremo (Simon, Amelia) 00:02:05
19.   Act I Scene 1: Orfanella il tetto umile (Amelia, Simon) 00:04:40
20.   Act I Scene 1: Dinne, alcun la non vedesti(Simon, Amelia) 00:01:22
21.   Act I Scene 1: Figlia! A tal nome palpito (Simon, Amelia) 00:03:44
22.   Act I Scene 1: Che rispose (Paolo, Simon, Pietro) 00:01:31

Disc 2

Verdi, Giuseppe
Piave, Francesco Maria, lyricist(s)

  Simon Boccanegra
1.   Act I Scene 2: Messeri, il re di Tartaria voi porge (Simon, Chorus, Paolo) 00:02:59
2.   Act I Scene 2: Oh!… Qual clamor! (Chorus, Pietro, Paolo, Simon, Gabriele, Amelia) 00:05:48
3.   Act I Scene 2: Nell'ora soave che all'estasi invita (Amelia, Chorus, Simon, Gabriele) 00:02:40
4.   Act I Scene 2: Plebe! Patrizi! Popolo! (Simon, Chorus, Amelia, Pietro, Paolo, Gabriele, Fiesco) 00:05:26
5.   Act I Scene 2: Ecco la spada (Gabriele, Simon, Paolo, All) 00:04:11
6.   Act II: Quei due vedesti (Paolo, Pietro) 00:02:49
7.   Act II: Prigioniero in qual loco m'adduci (Fiesco, Paolo) 00:02:01
8.   Act II: Udisti… Vil disegno! (Paolo, Gabriele) 00:03:12
9.   Act II: Cielo, pietoso, rendila (Gabriele) 00:02:13
10.   Act II: Tu qui… Amelia! (Amelia, Gabriele) 00:00:53
11.   Act II: Parla, in tuo cor virgineo (Gabriele, Amelia) 00:02:39
12.   Act II: Il Doge vien (Amelia, Gabriele) 00:01:01
13.   Act II: Figlia!… Si afflitto, padre mio (Simon, Amelia) 00:03:51
14.   Act II: Doge, ancor proveran (Simon) 00:03:06
15.   Act II: Ei dorme! Quale sento ritegno (Gabriele, Amelia, Simon) 00:02:43
16.   Act II: Perdon, perdon, Amelia (Gabriele, Simon, Amelia) 00:03:03
17.   Act II: All'armi, all'armi, o Liguri! (Chorus, Amelia, Gabriele, Simon) 00:01:16
18.   Act III: Evviva il Doge! (Chorus) 00:00:58
19.   Act III: Libero sei; ecco la spada (Captain, Fiesco, Paolo, Chorus) 00:04:07
20.   Act III: Cittadini, per ordine del Doge (Captain) 00:01:24
21.   Act III: M'ardon le tempia! (Simon, Fiesco) 00:03:41
22.   Act III: Delle faci festanti al barlume (Fiesco, Simon) 00:02:06
23.   Act III: Come un fantasima (Fiesco, Simon) 00:02:01
24.   Act III: Piango perche mi parla (Fiesco, Simon) 00:04:11
25.   Act III: Chi veggo! (Maria, Simon, Gabriele, Fiesco) 00:02:04
26.   Act III: Gran Dio, li benedici (Simon, Maria, Gabriele, Fiesco, Chorus) 00:04:52
27.   Act III: Senatori, sancite il voto estremo (Simon, Maria, Gabriele, Fiesco, Chorus) 00:02:57

Total Playing Time: 02:20:27

Verdi, Giuseppe

Piave, Francesco Maria

Santini, Gabriele

Rome Opera House Orchestra

Rome Opera House Chorus

Angeles, Victoria de los; Bertona, Sylvia; Campora, Giuseppe; Caroli, Paolo; Christoff, Boris; Dari, Paolo; Gobbi, Tito; Monachesi, Walter

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.110119-20

Barcode: 0636943111925

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions. Not available on CD.

Physical Release: 02/2009

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