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Classical Music Home > SULLIVAN: Gondoliers (The) (D'Oyly Carte) (1950)

SULLIVAN: Gondoliers (The) (D'Oyly Carte) (1950)


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SULLIVAN: Gondoliers (The) (D'Oyly Carte) (1950)

Disc 1

Sullivan, Arthur
Gilbert, W.S., lyricist(s)

  The Gondoliers
1.   Act I: Overture 00:05:52
2.   Act I: List and learn (Chorus of Contadine) 00:03:26
3.   Act I: Good morrow pretty maids (Francesco) 00:01:16
4.   Act I: For the merriest fellows are we (Antonio, Chorus) 00:01:35
5.   Act I: See see at last - Buongiorno, Signorine! (Fiametta, Marco, Giuseppe, Chorus) 00:03:10
6.   Act I: We're called gondolieri (Marco, Giuseppe) 00:02:10
7.   Act I: And now to choose our brides (Marco, Giuseppe, Tessa, Gianetta, Chorus) 00:02:46
8.   Act I: Thank you gallant gondolieri (Chorus of Girls) 00:02:20
9.   Act I: From the sunny Spanish shore (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz) 00:01:42
10.   Act I: In enterprise of marital kind (Duke) 00:01:35
11.   Act I: O rapture, when alone together (Casilda, Luiz) 00:01:51
12.   Act I: These was a time (Casilda, Luiz) 00:03:11
13.   Act I: I stole the prince (Don Alhambra, Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Luiz) 00:02:24
14.   Act I: But bless my heart - Try we life long (Casilda, Don Alhmabra, Duke, Duchess, Luiz, Grand Inquisitor) 00:02:55
15.   Act I: Bridegroom and bride! (Chorus) 00:00:40
16.   Act I: When a merry maiden marries (Tessa, Chorus) 00:02:50
17.   Act I: Kind Sir you cannot have the heart (Gianetta) 00:02:53
18.   Act I: Do not give way (Don Alhambra, Marco, Giuseppe, Gianetta, Tessa) 00:00:40
19.   Act I: Then one of us will be a queen (Marco, Giuseppe, Gianetta, Tessa) 00:02:47
20.   Act I: Replying we sing (Marco, Giuseppe, Chorus) 00:00:52
21.   Act I: For everyone who feels inclined (Marco, Giuseppe, Chorus) 00:02:11
22.   Act I: Come let's away (Marco, Giuseppe) 00:00:50
23.   Act I: Now Marco dear my wishes hear (Gianetta, Tessa, Marco, Giuseppe) 00:03:10
24.   Act I: Then away we go (Chorus, Marco) 00:02:02

Disc 2

Sullivan, Arthur
Gilbert, W.S., lyricist(s)

  The Gondoliers
1.   Act II: Of happiness the very pith (Chorus of Men, Marco, Giuseppe) 00:02:01
2.   Act II: Rising early in the morning (Giuseppe, Chorus) 00:02:43
3.   Act II: Take a pair of sparkling eyes (Marco) 00:03:09
4.   Act II: Here we are, at the risk of our lives - After sailing to this island (Chorus of Girls, Tessa, Gianetta) 00:03:07
5.   Act II: Dance a Cachucha (Chorus) 00:01:46
6.   Act II: There lived a king (Don Alhambra, Marco, Giuseppe) 00:02:55
7.   Act II: In a contemplative fashion (Marco, Giuseppe, Gianetta, Tessa) 00:02:01
8.   Act II: With ducal pomp (Chorus of Men, Duke, Duchess) 00:01:47
9.   Act II: On the day when I was wedded (Duchess) 00:02:27
10.   Act II: To help unhappy commoners - Small titles and orders (Duke, Duchess) 00:03:08
11.   Act II: I am a courtier grave and serious (Duke, Duchess, Casilda, Marco, Giuseppe) 00:03:43
12.   Act II: Here is a case unprecedented! (Marco, Giuseppe, Casilda, Gianetta, Tessa) 00:01:08
13.   Act II: Now let the loyal lieges gather round - Finale (Don Alhambra, Inez, Company) 00:05:01

Total Playing Time: 01:30:04

Sullivan, Arthur

Gilbert, W.S.

Godfrey, Isidore

D'Oyly Carte Opera Orchestra; New Promenade Orchestra

D'Oyly Carte Opera Chorus

Dean, Yvonne; Fane, Caryl; Flynn, Radley; Goodier, Henry; Green, Martyn; Halman, Ella; Hancock, Tom; Harding, Muriel; Mitchell, Margaret; Osborn, Leonard; Sanders, Geoffrey; Styler, Alan; Walsh, Enid; Watson, Richard; Wright, Joyce

Label: Naxos Historical

Genre: Operetta

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.110209-10

Barcode: 0636943120927

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 06/2002

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