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Classical Music Home > DELIBES: Lakme (Robin, Disney, Sebastian) (1952)

DELIBES: Lakme (Robin, Disney, Sebastian) (1952)


About this Recording

DELIBES: Lakme (Robin, Disney, Sebastian) (1952)

This 1952 recording of Lakmé features a fine Francophone cast of the period led by the Hungarian-born conductor, Georges Sébastian, who eventually settled in Paris, where he became chief conductor at the Paris Opéra, as well as appearing frequently at the Opéra-Comique and with the Orchestre National.The great soprano Mado Robin made her début at the Paris Opéra in 1945 as Gilda, and gave her first performance as Lakmé, which was to become her most famous rôle, the following year at the Opéra-Comique. She enjoyed enormous popularity in France, where she was also a frequent broadcaster, her exceptional vocal range enabling her to sing a wide repertoire. She died in Paris in 1960, a few days before the 1,500th performance of Lakmé at the Opéra-Comique, arranged for her birthday.

Disc 1

Delibes, Léo
Gondinet, Edmond / Gille, Philippe / Gondinet, Edmond / Gille, Philippe, lyricist(s)

1.   Act I: Prelude 00:03:06
2.   Act I: A l'heure accoutumee (Hadji, Mallika, Chorus, Nilakantha) 00:03:36
3.   Act I: Blanche Dourga, pale Silva! (Lakme, Chorus, Nilakantha) 00:03:42
4.   Act I: Lakme, c'est toi qui nous proteges! (Nilakantha, Lakme, Hadji, Mallika) 00:02:54
5.   Act I: Viens, Mallika … Dome epais le jasmin, "Flower Duet" (Lakme, Mallika) 00:04:40
6.   Act I: Miss Rose, Miss Ellen, respectez les clotures! (Mistress Bentson, Ellen, Rose, Gerald, Frederic) 00:02:18
7.   Act I: Quand une femme est si jolie (Ellen, Frederic, Gerald, Rose, Mistress Bentson) 00:01:17
8.   Act I: Leur vertu bizarre manque d'apparat (Frederic, Ellen, Rose, Mistress Bentson, Gerald) 00:04:36
9.   Act I: Prendre le dessin d'un bijou … Fantaisie aux divins mensonges (Gerald) 00:06:04
10.   Act I: C'est elle … c'est Lakme (Gerald, Lakme, Mallika) 00:03:00
11.   Act I: Les fleurs me paraissent plus belles … Pourquoi dans les grandes bois (Lakme) 00:04:43
12.   Act I: D'ou viens - tu Que veux - tu (Lakme, Gerald) 00:03:45
13.   Act I: C'est le dieu de la jeunesse (Gerald, Lakme, Hadji, Nilakantha, Chorus) 00:04:58
14.   Act I: Entr'acte 00:01:28
15.   Act II: Allons, avant que midi sonne (Chorus, Mistress Bentson, Frederic, Rose) 00:04:53
16.   Act II: Enfin! … Nous aurons du silence! (Rose, Mistress Bentson, Frederic) 00:01:01
17.   Act II: Dances: Terana - Rektah - Persian - Coda - Sortie (Chorus) 00:05:47
18.   Act II: Voyez donc ce vieillard et cette jeune fille! (Rose, Mistress Bentson, Frederic, Nilakantha, Lakme) 00:05:15
19.   Act II: Lakme, ton doux regard se voile (Nilakantha) 00:03:28

Disc 2

Delibes, Léo
Gondinet, Edmond / Gille, Philippe / Gondinet, Edmond / Gille, Philippe, lyricist(s)

1.   Act II: Ah, c'est de ta douleur (Lakme, Nilakantha, Chorus) 00:03:44
2.   Act II: Ou va la jeune indoue, "Bell Song" (Lakme) 00:05:25
3.   Act II: La rage me devore (Nilakantha, Lakme, Chorus) 00:03:42
4.   Act II: Au milieu des chants d'allegresse (Nilakantha, Chorus, Lakme) 00:02:48
5.   Act II: Le maitre ne pense qu'a sa vengeance (Hadji) 00:01:52
6.   Act II: Lakme! Lakme! C'est toi! (Gerald, Lakme) 00:03:13
7.   Act II: Dans la foret pres de nous (Lakme) 00:04:47
8.   Act II: O Dourga, toi qui renais (Chorus, Ellen, Rose, Miss Bentson, Frederic, Gerald) 00:01:47
9.   Act II: Voyez, cette ville en fete (Ellen, Rose, Miss Bentson, Frederic, Gerald, Lakme) 00:06:04
10.   Act II: Entr'acte 00:03:36
11.   Act III: Sous le ciel tout etoile (Lakme) 00:02:00
12.   Act III: Quel vague souvenir alourdit ma pensee … Ah! viens, dans la foret profonde (Gerald, Lakme) 00:04:09
13.   Act III: La, je pourrai t'entendre (Lakme, Gerald, Chorus) 00:04:13
14.   Act III: Vivant! … Ah! Frederic! (Frederic, Gerald) 00:03:24
15.   Act III: Ils allaient deux a deux (Lakme, Gerald, Chorus) 00:04:34
16.   Act III: Tu m'as donne le plus doux rave (Lakme, Gerald) 00:03:36
17.   Act III: C'est lui! C'est lui! (Nilakantha, Lakme, Gerald) 00:03:01
18.   Lakme, Act I: Prendre le dessin d'un bijou … Fantaisie aux divins mensonges 00:05:35
19.   Lakme, Act II: Lakme, ton doux regard se voile 00:04:20
20.   Lakme, Act II: Ou va la jeune indoue, "Bell Song" (Lakme) 00:07:21

Total Playing Time: 02:29:42

Delibes, Léo

Gille, Philippe; Gondinet, Edmond

Frigara, Maurice; Ruhlmann, Francois; Sebastian, Georges; Wolff, Albert

Lamoureux Concert Association Orchestra; Paris Opera-Comique Orchestra; Studio orchestra

Paris Opera-Comique Chorus

Borthayre, Jean; Chastenet, Edmond; Collart, Claudine; Couzinou, Robert; Disney, Agnes; Germain, Pierre; Jansen, Jacques; LeMaitre, Simone; Luca, Libero de; Perriat, Jane; Robin, Mado; Rouqetty, Camille; Sedira, Leila Ben; Villabella, Miguel

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111235-36

Barcode: 747313323524

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 02/2007

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