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Classical Music Home > VERDI: Aida (Callas, Tucker, Serafin) (1955)

VERDI: Aida (Callas, Tucker, Serafin) (1955)


About this Recording

VERDI: Aida (Callas, Tucker, Serafin) (1955)

Although Aida was one of the rôles which Maria Callas sang most, especially in the early years of her career, it is generally agreed that she was better suited to singing Norma, Violetta and Lucia. Nevertheless, when this 1955 recording was first released, Harold Rosenthal for Opera wrote: “for dramatic intensity and moments of heart-rending pathos [it] can have few equals”, while Dyneley Hussey enthused in the Musical Times that it was: “a great performance, splendidly recorded. Callas’ dramatic power and her ability to shade the beautiful vocal line here find the best imaginable medium”. In, for example, the opening phrases of the Act III love duet with Radamès, ‘Là, tra foreste vergini’, her voice has a limpidity which enables her to accomplish miracles of pianissimo shadings, singing dolcissimo as the score directs – one of innumerable occasions in which Callas renders the subtlest markings in the score so effectively.

Disc 1

Verdi, Giuseppe
Ghislanzoni, Antonio, lyricist(s)

1.   Prelude 00:03:49
2.   Act I Scene 1: Si: corre voce che l'Etiope (Ramfis, Radames) 00:01:34
3.   Act I Scene 1: Se quel guerrier io fossi!… Celeste Aida (Radames) 00:04:31
4.   Act I Scene 1: Quale insolita gioia nel tuo sguardo! (Amneris, Radames, Aida) 00:06:23
5.   Act I Scene 1: Alta cagion v'aduna, o fidi egizii (King, Messenger, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Ramfis, Priests, Ministers, Captains) 00:03:18
6.   Act I Scene 1: Su! del Nilo al sacro lido (King, Messenger, Radames, Ramfis, Priests, Ministers, Captains, Aida, Amneris) 00:02:58
7.   Act I Scene 1: Ritorna vincitor! (Aida) 00:06:48
8.   Act I Scene 2: Possente, possente Ftha (High Priestess, Priestesses, Ramfis, Priests) 00:05:23
9.   Act I Scene 2: Mortal, diletto ai numi (Ramfis, Priests, Radames, Priestesses) 00:04:43
10.   Act II Scene 1: Chi mai fra gl'inni e i plausi (Slaves, Amneris) 00:06:18
11.   Act II Scene 1: Fu la sorte dell'armi (Amneris, Aida) 00:07:27
12.   Act II Scene 1: Su! del Nilo al sacro lido (Soldiers, People, Amneris, Aida) 00:02:39
13.   Act II Scene 2: Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside (People, Women, Priests, Men) 00:03:32
14.   Act II Scene 2: Triumphal March 00:06:00
15.   Act II Scene 2: Vieni, o guerriero, vindice (People, Priests) 00:02:24

Disc 2

Verdi, Giuseppe
Ghislanzoni, Antonio, lyricist(s)

1.   Act II Scene 2: Salvator della patria, io ti saluto (King, Radames, Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Amonasro) 00:03:10
2.   Act II Scene 2: Quest'assisa ch'io vest vi dica (Amonasro, Aida, Slaves, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, King, People) 00:04:42
3.   Act II Scene 2: O re, pei sacri numi (Radames, King, Amneris, Priests, People, Ramfis) 00:02:20
4.   Act II Scene 2: Gloria all'Egitto, ad Iside (King, People, Slaves, Prisoners, Ramfis, Priests, Aida, Radames, Amneris, Amonasro) 00:02:52
5.   Act III: O tu che sei d'Osiride (Priests, Priestesses, Ramfis, Amneris) 00:04:49
6.   Act III: Qui Radames verra!… O patria mia (Aida) 00:07:04
7.   Act III: Ciel! Mio padre! (Aida, Amonasro) 00:08:09
8.   Act III: Pur ti riveggo, mia dolce Aida (Radames, Aida) 00:03:06
9.   Act III: Fuggiam gli ardori inospiti (Radames, Aida) 00:04:16
10.   Act III: Aida!… Tu non m'ami. Va! (Radames, Aida, Amonasro) 00:02:35
11.   Act III: Tu! Amonasro! (Radames, Aida, Amonasro, Amneris, Ramfis) 00:02:39
12.   Act IV Scene 1: L'abborrita rivale a me sfuggia (Amneris) 00:03:15
13.   Act IV Scene 1: Gia i sacerdoti adunansi (Amneris, Radames) 00:06:40
14.   Act IV Scene 1: Ohime! Morir mi sento (Amneris, Priests) 00:04:22
15.   Act IV Scene 1: Radames! Radames! Radames! (Ramfis, Priests) 00:07:08
16.   Act IV Scene 2: La fatal pietra sovra me si chiuse (Radames, Aida) 00:02:19
17.   Act IV Scene 2: Presago il core della tua condanna (Aida, Radames, Priests, Priestesses) 00:03:48
18.   Act IV Scene 2: O terra, addio; addio, valle di pianti (Aida, Radames, Priests, Priestesses, Amneris) 00:05:00

Total Playing Time: 02:26:01

Verdi, Giuseppe

Ghislanzoni, Antonio

Serafin, Tullio

Milan La Scala Orchestra

Milan La Scala Chorus

Barbieri, Fedora; Callas, Maria; Galassi, Elvira; Gobbi, Tito; Modesti, Giuseppe; Ricciardi, Franco; Tucker, Richard; Zaccaria, Nicola

Label: Naxos Historical

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111240-41

Barcode: 0747313324026

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 01/2007

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