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Classical Music Home > STRAVINSKY: Rake's Progress (The) (Metropolitan Opera, Stravinsky) (1953)

STRAVINSKY: Rake's Progress (The) (Metropolitan Opera, Stravinsky) (1953)


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About this Recording

STRAVINSKY: Rake's Progress (The) (Metropolitan Opera, Stravinsky) (1953)

This 1953 recording was the first of the two complete recordings of Stravinsky’s operatic masterpiece The Rake’s Progress to be conducted by the composer. All the musical forces were drawn from the Metropolitan Opera’s historic first production, first seen on St.Valentine’s Day 1953, conducted by Fritz Reiner, who also took charge of all the musical preparation.The cast was drawn from the cream of the Met’s English speaking singers, notably tenor Eugene Conley as Tom Rakewell, Mack Harrell as Nick Shadow and Blanche Thebom as Baba the Turk. Joining them as Anne Trulove was the immensely popular Austrian soprano Hilde Gueden who, from 1947 to 1973, was one of the most distinguished singers of the Vienna State Opera.

Disc 1

Stravinsky, Igor
Kallman, Chester / Auden, Wystan Hugh / Kallman, Chester / Auden, Wystan Hugh, lyricist(s)

  The Rake's Progress
1.   Act I Scene 1: The woods are green (Anne, Rakewell, Trulove) 00:04:14
2.   Act I Scene 1: Anne, my dear (Trulove, Anne, Rakewell) 00:01:04
3.   Act I Scene 1: Here I stand … Since it is not by merit (Rakewell) 00:02:45
4.   Act I Scene 1: Tom Rakewell (Shadow, Rakewell) 00:01:28
5.   Act I Scene 1: Fair lady, gracious gentlemen (Shadow) 00:02:08
6.   Act I Scene 1: I wished but once (Rakewell, Shadow, Anne, Trulove) 00:01:42
7.   Act I Scene 1: My Anne, behold (Rakewell, Anne, Trulove, Shadow) 00:02:13
8.   Act I Scene 1: Farewell for now (Anne, Rakewell) 00:01:12
9.   Act I Scene 1: All is ready, sir (Shadow, Rakewell) 00:00:48
10.   Act I Scene 1: Dear father Trulove (Rakewell) 00:01:21
11.   Act I Scene 1: Laughter and light (Rakewell, Anne, Trulove, Shadow) 00:01:48
12.   Act I Scene 2: With air commanding and weapon handy (Roaring Boys, Whores) 00:02:38
13.   Act I Scene 2: Come, Tom (Shadow, Rakewell, Mother Goose) 00:03:59
14.   Act I Scene 2: Soon dawn will glitter … Sisters of Venus, Brothers of Mars (Whores, Roaring Boys, Shadow) 00:01:37
15.   Act I Scene 2: Love, too frequently betrayed (Rakewell) 00:02:41
16.   Act I Scene 2: How sad a song (Whores, Mother Goose) 00:00:59
17.   Act I Scene 2: The sun is bright, the grass is green (Whores, Roaring Boys, Shadow) 00:02:36
18.   Act I Scene 3: No word from Tom … Quietly, night (Anne) 00:04:23
19.   Act I Scene 3: My father! Can I desert him … I go, I go to him (Anne) 00:03:50
20.   Act II Scene 1: Vary the song, O London (Rakewell) 00:03:08
21.   Act II Scene 1: O Nature, green unnatural mother (Rakewell) 00:03:06
22.   Act II Scene 1: Always the quarry that I stalk (Rakewell) 00:01:46
23.   Act II Scene 1: Master, are you alone (Shadow, Rakewell) 00:01:17
24.   Act II Scene 1: Come, master, observe the host of mankind (Shadow) 00:01:21
25.   Act II Scene 1: In youth the panting slave pursues (Shadow) 00:02:16
26.   Act II Scene 1: My tale shall be told (Rakewell, Shadow) 00:02:24
27.   Act II Scene 2: Introduction 00:01:32
28.   Act II Scene 2: How strange! … O heart, be stronger (Anne) 00:02:39
29.   Act II Scene 2: What can this mean (Anne, Rakewell) 00:03:18
30.   Act II Scene 2: My love, am I to remain in here for ever (Baba, Anne, Rakewell) 00:00:59
31.   Act II Scene 2: Could it then have been known (Anne, Rakewell, Baba) 00:03:06
32.   Act II Scene 2: I have not run away (Baba, Rakewell, Voices, Town People) 00:03:05

Disc 2

Stravinsky, Igor
Kallman, Chester / Auden, Wystan Hugh / Kallman, Chester / Auden, Wystan Hugh, lyricist(s)

  The Rake's Progress
1.   Act II Scene 3: As I was saying … Come, sweet, come … Scorned! Abused! (Baba, Rakewell) 00:04:24
2.   Act II Scene 3: Fa la la (Shadow) 00:03:14
3.   Act II Scene 3: Thanks to this excellent device (Rakewell, Shadow) 00:01:48
4.   Act II Scene 3: Forgive me, master, for intruding (Shadow, Rakewell) 00:02:19
5.   Act III Scene 1: Ruin. Disaster. Shame. (Crowd, Anne, Sellem) 00:03:24
6.   Act III Scene 1: Ladies both fair and gracious (Sellem) 00:01:40
7.   Act III Scene 1: Who hears me, knows me (Sellem, Crowd) 00:03:40
8.   Act III Scene 1: Sold! Annoyed! (Baba, Crowd, Rakewell, Shadow) 00:02:19
9.   Act III Scene 1: You love him, seek to set him right (Baba, Anne, Crowd, Sellem, Rakewell, Shadow) 00:04:24
10.   Act III Scene 1: I go to him (Anne, Rakewell, Shadow, Baba, Crowd) 00:02:04
11.   Act III Scene 2: Prelude 00:02:05
12.   Act III Scene 2: How dark and dreadful is this place (Rakewell, Shadow) 00:04:15
13.   Act III Scene 2: Very well then, my dear and good Tom (Shadow, Tom) 00:01:29
14.   Act III Scene 2: Well, then … My heart is wild with fear (Shadow, Rakewell) 00:04:19
15.   Act III Scene 2: The simpler the trick (Shadow, Rakewell, Anne) 00:03:05
16.   Act III Scene 2: I burn, I burn! I freeze! (Shadow) 00:02:16
17.   Act III Scene 2: With roses crowned (Rakewell) 00:01:25
18.   Act III Scene 3: Prepare yourselves, heroic shades (Rakewell, Madmen) 00:04:05
19.   Act III Scene 3: There he is. Have no fear (Keeper, Anne, Rakewell) 00:02:23
20.   Act III Scene 3: I have waited … In a foolish dream (Rakewell, Anne) 00:02:52
21.   Act III Scene 3: I am exceeding weary (Rakewell) 00:01:05
22.   Act III Scene 3: Gently, little boat (Anne, Madmen) 00:03:04
23.   Act III Scene 3: Anne, my dear (Trulove, Anne) 00:00:58
24.   Act III Scene 3: Every wearied body (Anne, Trulove) 00:01:48
25.   Act III Scene 3: Where art thou, Venus (Rakewell, Madmen) 00:03:41
26.   Act III Scene 3: Mourn for Adonis (Chorus) 00:01:33
27.   Epilogue: Good people, just a moment (Anne, Baba, Rakewell, Shadow, Trulove) 00:02:45

Total Playing Time: 02:25:47

Stravinsky, Igor

Auden, Wystan Hugh; Kallman, Chester

Stravinsky, Igor

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Conley, Eugene; Davidson, Lawrence; Franke, Paul; Gueden, Hilde; Harrell, Mack; Lipton, Martha; Scott, Norman; Thebom, Blanche

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.111266-67

Barcode: 0747313326624

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 09/2007

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