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Classical Music Home > VERDI: Traviata (La) (Di Stefano, Stella) (1955)

VERDI: Traviata (La) (Di Stefano, Stella) (1955)


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About this Recording

VERDI: Traviata (La) (Di Stefano, Stella) (1955)

Having already recorded La Traviata for CETRA (Naxos 8.110300-01), Maria Callas was contractually barred from taking part in this 1955 recording of the opera, which featured, instead, the emerging Italian soprano Antonietta Stella, who went on to become an acclaimed interpreter of Verdi’s and Puccini’s romantic heroines and to record extensively for a variety of labels.When the recording was released in Britain in 1956, The Gramophone reviewer thought “Stella sings with a good deal of fine intention… Di Stefano is much better [than his rivals] …Gobbi is a really impressive vocal actor”. Hugely admired by singers, the conductor Tullio Serafin embodies all the finest qualities of the Italian maestro.

Disc 1

Verdi, Giuseppe
Piave, Francesco Maria, lyricist(s)

  La traviata
1.   Act I: Prelude 00:04:25
2.   Act I: Dell'invito trascorsa e gia l'ora (Chorus, Violetta, Flora, Marquis, Gastone, Alfredo) 00:05:05
3.   Act I: Brindisi: Libiamo ne' lieti calici (Alfredo, Chorus, Violetta) 00:03:02
4.   Act I: Che e cio (Chorus, Alfredo, Violetta) 00:02:29
5.   Act I: Un di, felice, eterea (Alfredo, Violetta) 00:03:39
6.   Act I: Ebben Che diavol fate (Gastone, Violetta, Alfredo) 00:01:30
7.   Act I: Si ridesta in ciel l'aurora (Chorus) 00:01:42
8.   Act I: E strano! E strano! (Violetta) 00:01:27
9.   Act I: Ah, fors' e lui (Violetta) 00:02:53
10.   Act I: Follie! Follie! (Violetta) 00:01:00
11.   Act I: Sempre libera (Violetta, Alfredo) 00:03:49
12.   Act II Scene 1: Lunge da lei (Alfredo) 00:01:56
13.   Act II Scene 1: De' miei bollenti spiriti (Alfredo) 00:01:57
14.   Act II Scene 1: Annina, donde vieni (Alfredo, Annina) 00:00:46
15.   Act II Scene 1: Alfredo... Per Parigi or or partiva (Violetta, Annina, Giuseppe, Germont) 00:03:45
16.   Act II Scene 1: Pura siccome un angelo (Germont, Violetta) 00:02:00
17.   Act II Scene 1: Non sapete quale affetto (Violetta, Germont) 00:02:09
18.   Act II Scene 1: Un di, quando le veneri (Germont, Violetta) 00:02:51
19.   Act II Scene 1: Ah! Dite alla giovine (Violetta, Germont) 00:04:29
20.   Act II Scene 1: Imponete... Non amarlo ditegli (Violetta, Germont) 00:01:04
21.   Act II Scene 1: Morro! La mia memoria (Violetta, Germont) 00:03:33
22.   Act II Scene 1: Dammi tu forza, o cielo! (Violetta, Annina) 00:01:42
23.   Act II Scene 1: Che fai (Alfredo, Violetta) 00:02:18
24.   Act II Scene 1: Ah, vive sol quel core all' amor mio! (Alfredo, Giuseppe, Messenger, Germont) 00:02:06
25.   Act II Scene 1: Di Provenza (Germont, Alfredo) 00:05:34

Disc 2

Verdi, Giuseppe
Piave, Francesco Maria, lyricist(s)

  La traviata
1.   Act II Scene 2: Avrem lieta maschere la notte (Flora, Marquis, Doctor, Chorus) 00:01:13
2.   Act II Scene 2: Noi siamo zingarelle (Gypsies, Chorus, Flora, Marquis) 00:02:54
3.   Act II Scene 2: Di Madride noi siami mattadori (Gastone, Matadors, Chorus) 00:02:55
4.   Act II Scene 2: Alfredo! Voi! (Chorus, Alfredo, Flora, Violetta, Barone, Gastone) 00:04:20
5.   Act II Scene 2: Invitato a qui seguirmi (Violetta, Alfredo, Chorus) 00:02:35
6.   Act II Scene 2: Ogni suo aver tal femmina (Alfredo, Chorus) 00:01:36
7.   Act II Scene 2: Di sprezzo degno se stesso rende (Germont, Alfredo, Chorus, Baron) 00:01:59
8.   Act II Scene 2: Alfredo, Alfredo, di questo core (Violetta, Chorus, Alfredo, Baron, Germont) 00:04:13
9.   Act III: Prelude 00:04:02
10.   Act III: Annina... Commandate (Violetta, Annina, Doctor) 00:04:33
11.   Act III: Teneste la promessa (Violetta) 00:01:39
12.   Act III: Addio, del passato (Violetta) 00:03:14
13.   Act III: Largo al quadrupede (Coro di Maschere) 00:00:53
14.   Act III: Signora!... Che t'accadde (Annina, Violetta, Alfredo) 00:01:47
15.   Act III: Parigi, o cara (Annina, Violetta, Alfredo) 00:04:48
16.   Act III: Ah, non più (Violetta, Annina) 00:01:51
17.   Act III: Ah! Gran Dio! (Violetta, Alfredo) 00:01:49
18.   Act III: Ah, Violetta (Germont, Violetta, Alfredo) 00:01:37
19.   Act III: Prendi, quest' e l'immagine (Germont, Violetta, Alfredo) 00:00:54
20.   Act III: Se una pudica vergine (Violetta, Germont, Alfredo, Doctor, Annina) 00:03:27

Total Playing Time: 01:59:30

Verdi, Giuseppe

Piave, Francesco Maria

Serafin, Tullio

Milan La Scala Orchestra

Milan La Scala Chorus

Di Stefano, Giuseppe; Dickie, William; Forti, Carlo; Galassi, Elvira; Gobbi, Tito; Maionica, Silvio; Mandelli, Luisa; Ricciardi, Franco; Stella, Antonietta; Tatozzi, Vittorio; Zaccaria, Nicola; Zampieri, Giuseppe

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111272-73

Barcode: 0747313327225

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 11/2007

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