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Classical Music Home > VERDI: Ballo in Maschera (Un) (Callas, Di Stefano, Gobbi) (1956)

VERDI: Ballo in Maschera (Un) (Callas, Di Stefano, Gobbi) (1956)


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About this Recording

VERDI: Ballo in Maschera (Un) (Callas, Di Stefano, Gobbi) (1956)

This 1956 recording of Un ballo in maschera was made before Maria Callas undertook it on stage. Of her performances of Un ballo at the beginning of the 1957/8 season at La Scala, Milan, the conductor Gianandrea Gavazzeni remembers ‘[how] she had this strange, burning, singular talent; she was always herself and yet always different in every rôle. A voice of more even quality could not have imparted the tension, or Amelia’s desperation so effectively. Had she sought less wide a range, fewer colours then perhaps she might have achieved a more homogeneous sound, but she preferred richness of colour and play of lightness and shade in recreating the character.’ Throughout the rôle Callas chooses an appropriate plangent vocal colour to characterize Amelia. In, for example, the Act II aria Ecco l’orrido campo, her singing shows the kind of detail redolent of her best work: the perfection of the repeated triplets, her shaping and control, and her inimitable way with the cadenza.

Disc 1

Verdi, Giuseppe
Somma, Antonio, lyricist(s)

  Un Ballo in Maschera
1.   Prelude 00:04:19
2.   Act I Scene 1: Posa in pace, a' bei sogni ristora (Officers, Gentlemen, Samuel, Tom, Henchmen) 00:01:35
3.   Act I Scene 1: S'avanza il Conte (Oscar, Riccardo) 00:01:36
4.   Act I Scene 1: La rivedra nell'estasi (Riccardo, Oscar, Officers, Gentlemen, Samuel, Tom, Henchmen) 00:01:58
5.   Act I Scene 1: Il cenno mio di la con essi attendi (Riccardo, Oscar, Renato) 00:02:34
6.   Act I Scene 1: Alla vita che t'arride (Renato) 00:02:50
7.   Act I Scene 1: Il primo giudice (Oscar, Riccardo, Judge) 00:01:31
8.   Act I Scene 1: Volta la terrea (Oscar, Riccardo, Judge, Renato, Samuel, Tom, Henchmen) 00:02:38
9.   Act I Scene 1: Ogni cura si doni al diletto (Riccardo, Renato, Oscar, Samuel, Tom, Henchmen, Officers, Gentlemen) 00:02:18
10.   Act I Scene 2: Zitti … l'incanto non dessi turbare (Women, Children) 00:02:03
11.   Act I Scene 2: Re dell'abisso, affrettati (Ulrica) 00:01:59
12.   Act I Scene 2: Arrivo il primo! (Riccardo, Women, Ulrica) 00:02:30
13.   Act I Scene 2: Su, fatemi largo, saper vo' il mio fato (Silvano, Ulrica, Riccardo, Chorus, Servant) 00:03:26
14.   Act I Scene 2: Che v'agita cosi (Ulrica, Amelia, Riccardo) 00:01:27
15.   Act I Scene 2: Della citta all'occaso (Ulrica, Amelia, Riccardo) 00:01:30
16.   Act I Scene 2: Consentimi, o Signore (Amelia, Ulrica, Riccardo, Chorus) 00:02:29
17.   Act I Scene 2: Su, profetessa, monta il treppie (Chorus, Oscar, Riccardo) 00:00:49
18.   Act I Scene 2: Di' tu se fedele (Riccardo, Chorus) 00:03:21
19.   Act I Scene 2: Chi voi siate, l'audace parola (Ulrica, Riccardo, Samuel, Oscar, Chorus) 00:02:27
20.   Act I Scene 2: E scherzo od e follia (Riccardo, Ulrica, Samuel, Tom, Oscar, Chorus) 00:03:27
21.   Act I Scene 2: Finisici il vaticinio (Riccardo, Ulrica, Chorus, Samuel, Tom, Renato, Silvano, Oscar, Henchmen) 00:04:22
22.   Act II: Prelude 00:02:31
23.   Act II: Ecco l'orrido campo ove s'accoppia (Amelia) 00:01:31
24.   Act II: Ma dall'arido stelo divulsa (Amelia) 00:05:14
25.   Act II: Teco io sto (Riccardo, Amelia) 00:01:33
26.   Act II: Non sai tu che se l'anima mia (Riccardo, Amelia) 00:03:39
27.   Act II: M'ami, m'ami! … Oh, qual soave brivido (Riccardo, Amelia) 00:04:23

Disc 2

Verdi, Giuseppe
Somma, Antonio, lyricist(s)

  Un Ballo in Maschera
1.   Act II: Ahime! S'appressa! (Amelia, Riccardo, Renato) 00:02:13
2.   Act II: Amico, gelosa t'affido una cura (Riccardo, Renato) 00:00:55
3.   Act II: Odi tu come fremono cupi (Amelia, Renato, Riccardo) 00:01:57
4.   Act II: Seguitemi (Renato, Amelia, Chorus, Samuel, Tom) 00:02:40
5.   Act II: Ve', se di notte qui colla sposa (Samuel, Tom, Renato, Amelia, Chorus) 00:05:01
6.   Act III Scene 1: A tal colpa e nulla il pianto (Renato, Amelia) 00:02:23
7.   Act III Scene 1: Morro, ma prima in grazia (Amelia) 00:04:34
8.   Act III Scene 1: Alzati! La tua figlio (Renato) 00:01:35
9.   Act III Scene 1: Eri tu che macchiavi quell'anima (Renato) 00:04:38
10.   Act III Scene 1: Siam soli. Udite (Renato, Tom, Samuel) 00:02:38
11.   Act III Scene 1: Dunque l'onta di tutti sol una (Renato, Samuel, Tom) 00:00:55
12.   Act III Scene 1: D'una grazia vi supplico (Renato, Samuel, Tom, Amelia) 00:04:06
13.   Act III Scene 1: Qual e dunque l'eletto (Renato, Samuel, Amelia, Tom) 00:01:15
14.   Act III Scene 1: Il messaggio entri (Renato, Oscar, Amelia, Samuel, Tom) 00:01:06
15.   Act III Scene 1: Ah! Di che fulgor, che musiche (Oscar, Amelia, Renato, Samuel, Tom) 00:02:42
16.   Act III Scene 2: Forse la soglia attinse (Riccardo) 00:02:42
17.   Act III Scene 2: Ma se m'e forza perderti (Riccardo) 00:02:42
18.   Act III Scene 2: Ah! Dessa e la (Riccardo, Oscar) 00:01:54
19.   Act III Scene 3: Fervono amori e danze (Chorus, Samuel, Renato, Tom, Oscar) 00:01:55
20.   Act III Scene 3: Saper vorreste (Oscar) 00:02:03
21.   Act III Scene 3: Fervono amori e danze (Chorus, Renato, Oscar) 00:01:29
22.   Act III Scene 3: Ah! Perche qui! Fuggite (Amelia, Riccardo) 00:04:41
23.   Act III Scene 3: E tu ricevi il mio! (Renato, Riccardo, Amelia, Oscar, Chorus) 00:01:15
24.   Act III Scene 3: Ella e pura: in braccio a morte (Riccardo, Amelia, Oscar, Renato, Chorus) 00:04:42

Total Playing Time: 02:12:01

Verdi, Giuseppe

Somma, Antonio

Votto, Antonino

Milan La Scala Orchestra

Milan La Scala Chorus

Barbieri, Fedora; Callas, Maria; Di Stefano, Giuseppe; Ercolani, Renato; Giordano, Enzo; Gobbi, Tito; Maionica, Silvio; Ratti, Eugenia; Zaccaria, Nicola

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111278-79

Barcode: 0747313327829

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions.

Physical Release: 01/2008

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